Few suggestions to help this dying game.

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Few suggestions to help this dying game.

We need to get off the bandwagon of paying to win is bad for Save The World. Epic games created 2 game modes for Fortnite, one lets you purchase it once and play but they also created Battle Royale that has battle pass and skins that gain them profit allowing them to have more funds and want to keep progressing and making that game continue rather then Save The World.

We are all asking for content or basically demanding for it BUT we only made that 1 purchase. Before everyone goes I bought this and this edition, Yes you did but I also bet most of you most likely spent more on Battle Royale and continue to purchase items on that side of the game. Save the World doesn't bring in the profit that Battle Royale does. You basically bought a meal 2-3 years ago and demanding more on that burger for no extra cost or basically another burger for free.

We can do this in the form of a Battle/Season Pass, Battle Royale didn't really have a battle pass until it saw the potential of how many people would spend their money on it then on Season 2 we started getting battle pass and skins like crazy. So might be a slow start for Save the world to show we want to play this game and still want to see new content.

Few suggestions for it:

Homebase has discovered weapons infused with rift energy can make husks drop certain material.

Husk/mist monsters/mini boss' drop material that we can use in place of batteries, quartz and blast powder. Gunslingers and Blasters drop batteries and quartz like material. Make them drop it 1/5 of the odds of gaining 1-5 at a time. Lobbers and Flingers drop material that can be used for blast powder. That can make x3 the material it would have with a regular battery,quartz or coal/blastpowder.

Homebase discovered we can rift infuse the fuel to make the vehicles run quicker and allow us to make the vehicles much more easily. Allowing for quicker expeditions and alot more can be sent out (We all have more then enough heroes that can be sent out) because of the increase in efficiency they can find more materials and possible flux,perk up and evo mats( 1-5 at time of each for flux, perk up and evo mats per expedition).


Allow us to upgrade or convert lower tier Flux, Perk up to their higher tier or allow us to change our Perk up to Re-perk. We can use 1 to 5 low tier items for 1 of the tier up from it.

Change our defenders with perks from Heroes:

Through the battle pass Heroes have learned they helped defend but haven't really helped the people by making them better Warriors. Allowing certain Defenders to become their apprentices giving them increased stats and rarity. Each Hero increases a different aspect Ninjas and Constructors melee weapon efficiency, Solider Assault and Sniper efficiency, Outlanders Smg and Pistol efficiency.

We have to play the defenders we want to increase their stats and efficiency on. By using the hero they are apprenticing under and have the defender out during the objective. After certain amount of experience gained they become Homebase Warrior which allows the perks to stay maxed and no longer needs their Teacher to watch over them allowing you to train another or use the hero you most favorite.

Upscaled Rewards because the Daily Rewards are a joke 1-2 years of daily rewards can be gained in game with just a few hours of just playing the game this aspect is a joke we need this fixed.

Link our ammo from our storage in game even if has a timer of 1-3 times per game or just increase our capacity to hold more ammo.

New MSK type missions for end of the battle pass which allows us to gain more Mythic weapons or traps.

If some miracle let us fight a endurance level mission against a rift that is unleashing huge waves of husk, and at some point let us go through and let use see the home world/dimension of the husk and let us fight them on their world. This can be like Launch the rocket allowing those to go to a new zone.

These are just a few suggestions to help the game gain more profit for more content that we all want. But We also have to be willing to help them want to make it by gaining them profit. They have a battle pass and now subscription on the other side making them always going to want to create content. Maybe if we get them to do this we can get quality content and possible cinematics for STW

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