FFJ & Reclaimer possible rework?

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I would like to see an kill counter displayed anywhere on the HUD, if you look at my img you'll see an extra number above Teddy; '19'. The number 19 gives the player feedback how many husks need to be killed by the player in order ot get an extra fragment.Why would i want this? most of the time i have no idea how many i still need to kill 1,5,12,48? who knows?!? no way to find it. This relates to Fragment Flurry Jess, TEDSHOT jess and reclaimers.

Now to get into the rework: I love Fragment Flurry, but being in twine can be a real pain when playing as a "needs a lot of kills in order to fully benefit" outlander.

If we compare FFJ, REC (Reclaimer) and TEDSHOT we see the following:

– FFJ & REC: Fragment Generation): Every 60 kills grant 1 Charge Fragment.

– Tedshot: Eye on the Prize): Every 15 headshot kills grants 1 Charge Fragment.


After playing a long time as a FFJ i found out that i can only benefit from "FRAGMENT GENERATION" by doing SSDs or in Survive the Storm. From this we can conclude that the difference between a FFJ and tedshot is HUGE! why? if you look at your own gameplay, you'll see that you probably hit at least 60-70% headshots, this results in triggering 'Eye on the Price' quite a lot. To balance it out Epic could do one of the following changes to FFJ and REC:

1.- Reducing FFJ & REC "60 kills" would be beneficial. After playing a long time as a flurry i found out that i can only benefit from "FRAGMENT GENERATION" by doing SSDs or in Survive the Storm. Maybe something like 30 or 45 would be better imo.

2.- Make teammate kills count as well in order to trigger fragment generation in low spawn husk missions making her useful for any kind of mission.

both of the suggestions might be a bit OP, but one of these would be great!

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