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Hey guys, Whitesushi here. About a week ago, I made a post on my perk combinations calculator which, at that point in time, was pretty roughly done (but it did work so I put it out there). I've been working on it since and finally "completed" it today. Some of these changes were made midway while others just an hour ago but here's the full list for those that are interested

  • Critical Rating to Critical Chance formula was fixed thanks to u/Details-Examples
  • Headshot calculations were corrected as well
  • Redesigned the entire layout to make it look better (was a mess previously)
  • Automated support slot calculations so you don't have to manually select through a list
  • Moved element slot to a single drop down menu in the edit section
  • Added the option to sort results by either DMG/Shot or DPS
  • Sorted the DMG/Shot and DPS rankings properly (1 through 5) and removed the duplicates

There are some other minor fixes I didn't bother to list but you probably wouldn't notice it either way so it doesn't really matter. That said, I am definitely looking to expand on its features and some of the things already planned include

  • Factoring in multiple weapons (for comparisons sake)
  • Factoring in element of weapon vs element of husks
  • Time-to-kill calculator (which is more accurate than the other 2 but fairly challenging to implement at the moment)
  • Automate support slot selection further

Before we jump into the guide on how to use it, here's what the calculator page looks like image


I like to min-max so the numbers matter to me but if you don't care about that, then you should not fret over whether your perks are rank 1, rank 2 or even unranked. You can absolutely run whatever you want and still be able to complete your missions and have a good time. Furthermore, now that I have been playing the game a lot more after my exams, I noticed that the materials for perk re-rolls are quite a pain to farm. As such, you want to get the most out of each re-roll rather than trying to bring a combination of top tier perks into godly tier.

If you have been playing around with my calculator and seen the results, you would have noticed that the difference between a rank 1 combination and a rank 5 combination is usually <10%. In my example below, you see that it can be <5% even. As such, it's probably better for you to bring a second weapon up to par (90% perfect) rather than dumping all your resources changing CRIT+CRITD into DMG+HS (example) for that 100% perfect weapon. Of course, if you play like 8 hours a day and sits on tons of materials, then this part of the disclaimer probably doesn't apply to you

How to use it?

The first thing you need to do is to obtain your own copy of the spreadsheet. You can do this either by

  • Heading over to my spreadsheet and making a copy of it
  • Or using this direct copy link which basically does the same as the above

Either way, once you are on your own copy of the spreadsheet, you want to

  1. Navigate to the calculator tab located in "4.2Calc" as seen here
  2. Change the "Possible Perks" table if necessary. Usually, the default (selected for Assault Rifles) would work fine. However, it is worth noting that for certain weapons, certain supports aren't available (i.e Critical Rating support exists for Shotguns but not Soldiers). Make sure to toggle out the irrelevant supports by using the drop-down menu and selecting "0% NIL". Otherwise, just make a mental note when looking at the results (more on this later) that the support isn't available for your weapon and you should look at the next best alternative
  3. Change the "Edit These" table. There are a total of 6 inputs you need to make but it is perfectly fine to only change the first 3 and leave the last 3 default. The things you need to change here is to enter the weapon name (i.e Siegebreaker) under "Weapon, input the headshot accuracy you think you can achieve with the weapon under "HS Accuracy" and finally select the hero you plan to use with this weapon via the drop-down menu under "Hero"
  4. Lastly, change the "Results" table to select between DMG/Shot or DPS

For a more summarized list of steps (bolded ones are compulsory/ highly recommended)

  1. Change possible perks table (optional)
  2. Change "Weapon" by typing the weapon's name manually (compulsory)
  3. Change "HS Accuracy" as you deem fit (highly recommended)
  4. Change "Hero" as you deem fit (highly recommended)
  5. Change "Element" (the %difference between Physical/Element can affect the impact of %DMG perks)
  6. Change "Offense" to match your accounts offense (optional, placeholder for TTK calculator)
  7. Change "Weapon Level" to match your weapon's level (optional, placeholder for TTK calculator)
  8. Change "DMG/Shot" to "DPS" (optional, only if you care about DPS more)

If you are still confused on how to use the calculator, feel free to leave a reply in the comments section

The Results, how to read it?

So let's say I want to find out what the best perk combination for my

  • Siegebreaker
  • Assuming 70% Headshot Accuracy
  • Using Urban Assault as my main hero

This is what my inputs would look like and here are my results. For the perk combinations, you read the data downwards by column as seen in this example. In the example, the

  • First 3 rows aren't really important. It just shows you what kind of damage/shot, DPS you achieve with the weapon and where the weapon is ranked

  • 4th row is where you select between DMG/Shot or DPS

  • 5th to 9th row is where the perk combination is shown. In the case of my example, the best perks are DMG/MAG(OR RLD)/HS/DMG/DMG. Do note that element isn't shown here (but i think I will slot it in later just to avoid confusion)

  • 10th row is for the support slot. You need to exercise your own knowledge of the game and know what heroes give what bonus. Like in the case of my example, "HS" is essentially Urban Assault's bonus

  • 11th row is for the % loss in damage/shot for the perk combination as compared to the first. Since we are using the first as our example, this % is 0

Overall, what the "results" is trying to tell you is that

  • Given your inputs of Siegebreaker on 70% headshot accuracy running Urban Assault
  • You can achieve the highest damage/shot with the perks DMG/MAG/HS/DMG/DMG with Urban Assault in support


When I make posts that promote min-maxing, I'm not saying that everyone should min-max (which seems to be what a lot of people think I am trying to do) or that playstyles do not matter and everyone should just run the "rank 1" perks. I am simply putting forth the tools for the people that do want it, for them to play around with it and decide for themselves which perk combinations are more likely to perform better.

There isn't really much to conclude so I would just like to thank you guys for all the support be it sending me information about the game while I was away or the well wishes for my exams. That said, if you think that I can improve the calculator in any way be it making the interface more user-friendly or that the formula needs some work, do let me know in the comments. I do read most of it and try to reply as much as possible even if the comment is like a week or a month old to the post.

TL;DR Perk combination calculator is complete and I'm looking for feedback on how it can be improved

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