**Finished Ventures and here is some info on what worked for me and my effort at constructive feedback**

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - **Finished Ventures and here is some info on what worked for me and my effort at constructive feedback**

Most importantly, I enjoyed the experience. There was novelty in the joy of seeing malachite again and the grind brought back memories of the true grind that used to represent progression in STW. It took me circa 60 hours of game play to complete. Could have done it faster on reflection as I probably farmed too much. Whilst there are calls from some for more levels to offer more superchargers, I think the balance is about right on the amount of time required to complete. One has to remember that many players also wish to grind the BR battle pass and there has to be enough time for all to actually have a non gaming life!

The mechanic with the weapons from vending machines and the repair benches worked well. Once I found an energy obsidian hot mix pistol with double crit rating and double crit damage, l had my shooter. Accompanied by a noble launcher or other explosive and some coconuts, one was ready for most eventualities. A melee with movement speed was useful, but aside of the challenges involving one, was not often present in my 3 slots. The lack of jumping melee weapons in the game was notable!

For my heroes, I only played Fragment Flurry Jess or Power Base/Base Kyle as a constructor. With FF Jess, I ran happy holidays as the team perk, under warranty, bear with me, overbearing, pressing charges and coconuts. For some of the missions, like eliminate and collect, I swapped coconuts for survivalist. Most of the time, I ran turrets and supply drop, but again in certain missions swapped out supply drop for adrenaline. With the constructor, ran either of the above as main with the other in support alongside mega base. Accompanied this with work work, going coconuts, and either gadgeteer, survivalist, launcher damage or fleet. As a constructor I always had supply drop and turrets as my gadgets.

In terms of feedback, I have tried to split it into sections below:


Mission Rewards – these were in line with all missions in the game and ok.

Levelling Rewards

Supercharges – The concept of superchargers is welcome. There is actually no need for these enhancements to deal with the current content, but hopefully future side events such as Frostnite or ventures will have levels one day that are challenging and may require some of these enhancements. The quantity awarded for completion of ventures was very, very disappointing. If you just take the survivor superchargers as an example, why did you not give us at least 2 more so we could actually go up 1 power level? Leaving the end game players at 131.9? is ridiculous, thoughtless and frustrating. With the increased rewards in the main game, it is now relatively simple to get to 131 within 6 months. To rise to the new maximum power level should not take 4 years!!! I would recommend that at the end of this season of ventures that all players who achieved level 50 are given 2 extra survivor superchargers in a gift box, as recognition of the shortcomings of the allocation of rewards in Season 1 of ventures. Going forward in ventures, I would strongly urge an increase in the superchargers awarded, particularly the survivors and core reperk. I posted a thread in advance of ventures being released based on inside homebase leaks Venture Rewards

Non supercharger levelling rewards – there is no place for XP as rewards for progress. It was pleasing to see that amp up was not part of the rewards. In particular, there should be enough training manuals awarded to upgrade all the superchargers awarded. I would recommend that level progression in each ventures season only contain the following rewards:

Evolution materials

Schematic Caches

Schematic Perk Up

Schematic Re Perk

Survivor Caches

Hero Caches

Training Manuals

Weapon Designs

Trap Designs


Challenges – these were broadly interesting and more of these would be a better way of levelling up. Particularly enjoyed the novelty of the pick axe and specific weapon challenges rather than the find items quests – more pick axe challenges please!! I also noted there were no challenges encouraging the use of all the hero classes, which seemed like a big opportunity missed.

Biome – This was not new and did not feel new. The loot around the map was good and plenty of level 5/6 chests/safes to be found. Originality would be welcomed.

Play with others – I play in Oceania and it was a lonely grind when I was in public lobbies. The lack of a play with others function was very notable.

Zones available to advanced players – one can only see 2 power levels below one’s current power level which may or may not be a good thing. I am unsure why all power levels were not available once completed?

Survivor Squads – whilst I understand that removing these completely from being relevant to ventures may level the playing field for all, I saw this as a missed opportunity. I do not refer to the power level of a survivor but the squad characteristics: trap damage, health etc… Making these choices relevant to game play in Ventures would be interesting. Whether this be in Venture survivor squads or adopting the selections from the main game into Ventures. Food for thought..

Modifier – the energy drain modifier was different, but after a while it was not enough. Whatever else you are planning in Ventures, adding more modifiers or swapping modifiers along the venture would be welcomed. We have seen lots in Wargames and Hit The Road, so there must be easy wins available from existing development.

Ventures Inventory – I think it is fair not to allow work on one’s inventory outside of the game, but it would be nice to be able to see it outside of the game!

General Comments not specific to Ventures

With the launch of the latest Battle Royale Season came another host of bugs into Save The World. It is mind boggling why the developments in BR impact STW and that so little gets done about it. The most irritating of the new bugs has to be the base not appearing as a constructor. This does have a workaround unlike the broken audio that is hopelessly adrift of the game play or the broken timers on missions. Add in the desperate drop in frame rate for console players after 3 or 4 games and you have a potent new cocktail of patience testing bugs. It is not our duty to suffer these, but still we do. To use a metaphor, it seems that if BR scratches it’s nose that STW breaks it’s toe and it does not make any sense! I hoped the no further development main game plan would provide stability but to date it is actually the complete opposite.

There is an excellent list of all the bugs that are in the game listed in a trello by Ghost Boss and a promise from Magyst that these would be looked into. Whilst these things may take time to fix, it does not take much effort to update the STW trello with this list. Sadly the list has yet to be updated..

I hope something in the above is useful to someone and would sincerely welcome some acknowledgement of the community’s attempt to keep providing feedback; whether it be hunting out the bugs or making suggestions on ventures as you requested. If you are out there, please demonstrate it with action and award those who reached level 50 two more survivor superchargers at the end of the season in a gift box. It is not enough just to acknowledge posts and lists of bugs, we actually need to see some action.

Thank you for reading commanders and please improve my thoughts with your ideas. Wherever possible, try to be constructive, albeit in the face of considerable adversity!

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