FIRST ENDURANCE VICTORY ATTEMPT (Wave 30): Sharing initial reactions

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - FIRST ENDURANCE VICTORY ATTEMPT (Wave 30): Sharing initial reactions

a few hours of data. Please interpret accordingly!>

Super fun game mode!!! Really fast paced, and the time flies by as you beat down husks, frantically patch your defenses, and then race off to a new location where husks are probably already engaged with your amp defenses and the quick reaction force portion of your team. Super fun, action packed game mode!

Casual players can enjoy this mode as well, which is why I distinguish this "victory attempt", from the many other times I'm sure I'll step into this mode and take it on down to Farmsville, with zero intent of completing 30 waves in those runs. This mode is AFK farmable, but not AFK winnable.

NOTE on time commitment (a little over 2 hours): The time to victory seems to be EXACTLY the same as the Frostknight time to victory, so maybe that is meant as a little Easter egg. Also, wave 11 was our first taker wave! Random or Frostknight Easter egg? We couldn't have known, but we thought it was cool 🙂

———- Our Team/Attempt ——————————————————

TEAM COMPOSITION: We didn't really care about this on a first attempt. I was the only constructor (mega w/ full base buffs). I know mama was an outlander (ability damage). It should indicate just how fast paced this mode is, requiring every individual to perform tasks constantly, that I literally don't even know what Nate and Elliot were running LOL!

TEAM GADGETS: Slow field blinding you now really kinda sucks. You know sucks worse? Not having it. I'd bring Banner (more than one TBH), because I don't see a scenario where your team can do all the tasks it needs to in the midst of an army of husks that one-shot without taking a few dirt-naps.

THE ATTEMPT: My first victory attempt was in my Stonewood SSD, with an amazing team of my boys (and girl) NateDoggin, /u/NikeHikerMom, and /u/ElliotBoney. This would have gone far differently without them bringing what, after 30 waves, seemed to be:

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING (in a victory attempt): chilled-out agreeable personalities, cool-under-pressure tactical reactions, game knowledge. <—– THIS!!!! THIS!!!! THIS!!!! —–> (chill, agreeable, and cool-under-pressure is key!!! Don't bring "that guy", who gets all pissed!!!)

Although we lost with under a minute remaining in wave 30, we will have our banners soon. Wave 30 was uniquely difficult For us> due to our combo of boss (pural – yea – more than one) mods + wargame mod. We got UFOs + damage pulse bosses that insta-killed any player near them, and area-wrecked structures. We are unsure if that spawn was random bad luck, or a static event for everyone on wave 30.

Despite all that, on our first attempt we came within seconds of victory, so it will be difficult, but completely doable for endgame players to get their banners. TBH w probably would have won, but my keyboard crapped out at a clutch moment and I could not access the menu that allowed me to re-grant permissions to build that we had strategically denied to remove propane.

——— Stonewood is still difficult to win———————————


AT FIRST… Stonewood was so easy we laughed when the level 18 mobs got one-shot by the wooden floors spikes (white lvl 5 no-perk) that I specifically used to prevent damage to husks), but that was very temporary. I wouldn't say quickly, but, steadily and certainly… It rose.. and rose… and rose on into "holy sht" levels… and kept going on past *"OMFG again? Really?" levels… and finally, by the last 5 waves, the difficulty had settled in right around the "thank god we ran banner" level.

BY THE LAST 1/3 (ish?)… The difficulty was immense, and had risen exponentially. We were lvl 18 fighting level 55 mobs. Stonewood felt the same as high Frostknight, or any other end-game experience we have had. Any mob hit one shot kills you, mob health is so high it seems impossible (or at least not worth it) to kill them, a single lobber can eradicate a structure, and hazards like bee puddles instantly disintegrate you as soon as your toe even touches them. Is the mob scaling different in Twine? Don't know, Don't care. How hard mobs hit is irrelevant after the one-shot threshold. How much health is also irrelevant after you decide killing isn't worth it and use other. (Disclaimer: theoretically, impact scaling could matter. My guess is, it won't, and that in all the endurance zones, we can break impact guard just like we could in Frostknight.)

———-Variation/Predictability in Endurance Mode ————-

From pooling the limited experiences we all had in the short time since release/the fix, our best current estimate is that:

There is randomization of: 1) Amp attack order and 2) Type of wave that spawn, and 3) Boss mods that bosses spawn with.

There is predictability in: 1) Boss spawns timing (ex. Wave 5 seemed to always be the first boss) and 2) Wargame mod timing (we aren't yet ready to guess if the TYPE of wargame mod you get is fixed or Random**.**


  1. PROPANE!!!!! IT IS ALL ABOUT THE PROPANE!!!! Not as it comes, but as it accumulates on the ground. Propane accumulation is nuclear bomb status! It is WAY more than even Frostknight was. Good teams will have to begin to develop strategies to deal with this if they want to win (don't forget permissions help).
  2. Hot Spots: We can now answer a big questions we had: Yep, hot spots is in endurance mode. On the bright side: It only wrecks 1/2 to 3/4 of your amp defenses (how much is different each time). Loosing half your amp doesn't seem that bad compared to 250 propane tanks detonating at once, and bombing you fully back to the stone age LOL!!!
  3. Wave 30: see above.
  4. Tornado: seemed(?) to damage structures worse than in regular wargames by a lot. It just looked like an eraser on a chalk board moving across my lobber shield. This might be because of the scaling in stonewood(?), or it might be me tripping out and hallucinating bc it was like four in the morning.
  5. Taker waves: Our team handled these pretty well actually, but like Frostknight the takers all one shot from fairly early on. However, unlike Frostknight, it may not be viable to simply abandon ship until the takers leave, as that doesn't seem to be the best option when amps are under threat from other mods.


All this is very preliminary, and I would love any help you guys can offer me in the way of advice/strategies that work.


– Virtual_Swayy

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