Five tips for using Paleo Luna (number 2 will shock you)

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Five tips for using Paleo Luna (number 2 will shock you)

1. The attack speed of your melee is very important. Paleo’s hero perk adds 9% of her health as damage to every swing of your melee. So the faster you can swing your melee weapon then the more damage you will do. Additionally, Paleo’s health-to-damage perk does not crit, so if your melee does crit it will not increase the amount of damage from Paleo’s health. So with Paleo use a melee with attack speed perks instead of a crit build.

2. Use the “Blast from the Past” team perk. Might seem obvious but I have seen a few Paleo’s who had shields and so can’t have been using BFTP. This team perk takes away your shield and increases your health. More health = more damage you will deal.

3. Use a couple survivability heroes in support. The BFTP team perk requires two dinosaur heroes in support, one of which should always be Prehistoric Izza (Saurian Hide) in my opinion. She gives you armor which reduces the amount of damage you will take (thus she helps keep your health high).

Two other dinosaur heroes you could use are Tricera Ops (gives you 2.125% of your max health every 5 seconds) or Parasaur Jess (gives you 7.2% of your health health every time you use an ability). Personally I think Tricera Ops’ perk is underwhelming, and I never actually use Paleo’s abilities so Parasaur Jess is kind of wasted on me (though I imagine it would be quite good if you did use Paleo’s abilities).

Two other good survivability heroes are Survivalist Jonesy (you get a small amount of health for eliminating husks) and Crossbones Barret (gives you coconuts which give you a huge health boost and a small damage boost). Personally, I typically use Jonesy in PL 124 or lower zones (and in SSD assists) and I use Crossbones in 132+ zones (his perk is very good IMO).


4. Go find two bluglo and then hit the health pylon. A 20% boost to your health is a huge benefit to Paleo Luna. In a game earlier today I went from about 1.35 million to 1.62 million health. That is an extra 24300 damage per melee swing, which comes out to be an extra 97000 damage per second if you use a melee with an attack speed of 0.25 (like a 3x attack speed Ravager or 2x attack speed Stabsworth).

5. The element of your melee weapon matters. Paleo’s health-to-damage perk is affected by the element of your weapon. So, hypothetically, if your health is 1,111,111 then you should get a 100,000 damage bonus from her perk. But that will only be true if you use the right element on your melee weapon. If you use a water melee against fire husks then you will get 100% of that damage boost. If you use a nature melee weapon against fire husks then you will only get 25% of that damage boost. Elements matter!

Personally I use a physical Ravager (attack speed of 0.25), a nature Stabsworth (AS 0.25), a water Spectral Blade (AS 0.22), and a fire Stabsworth (AS 0.25). A Guardian’s Will with 2x attack speed is pretty good as well (AS 0.29), plus it can be perked as all elements and has a heavy attack that lets you leap through the air.

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