Fixing Rerolls/Too Many Resources!

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Patch 4.2 and the perk reroll update was great. After months of having weapons be a gamble whether it was viable or not, we finally got the option to have our weapons not only be customization but upgrade-able too. With this, though, came a problem; We now had eight new resources to grind. Re-perk, uncommon perk-up, rare perk-up, epic perk-up, legendary perk-up, frost-up, amp-up, and fire up. This meant that the reward pool for missions became too big and became oversaturated with our 3 XP's, 4 evo mats, tickets, and gold. Additionally, a Twine Peaks player had to waste their time in Plankerton and Canny Valley missions to get lower tiers of perk-up. Well, after a couple of days of thinking, I thought about how we can fix that.


Introducing the Perk Recombobulator 2.0!

My proposed system eliminates uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary perk up. Now, there will be just one kind of perk-up; perk up. Instead of requiring perk-up according to the rarity of the perk, you just need more and more perk-up. For example, you could need 100 perk up to upgrade a common perk. Then, 200. Then, 300 (example numbers). You get the point. Now, for the elemental perk resources. Remove those, make changing an element cost a lot of re-perk, and here's the unique part to replace the elemental perk resources- quotas. Make it in order to re-element a weapon, you have to kill X husks of that element with the weapon before you can convert it. Fun!

This will allow for more focused grinding and restore the loot pool. Thoughts?

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