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Hey FortNiteBR

This weeks topic is: Planes

We would like to set specific focused feedback on Planes to base your conversation on, potential talking points are:

  • Do planes provide a better or worse advantage when in combat against ground opponents?
  • How do planes affect the flow of the game in terms of rotations?
  • Should the damage output of the planes guns be adjusted, if so, in what way?
  • Is the availability of finding them too much or too little.
  • Should planes be able to do significant building damage by direct impact, does this need balancing in anyway?
  • Should players be dealt a set amount of damage when colliding with structures, if so, how much?

Keep all discussion regarding this topic within this thread and give negative and positive feedback on this topic. You are free to express and discuss your feelings on this topic, its place in the current meta and anything which you may think should be changed about it. Try to implement and keep conversation based on the points set above but if you have an interesting unmentioned angle or perspective feel free to bring it up.


Discuss what you really enjoy or really dislike about it, any and all conversation/feedback is welcome and accepted within your comment as well.

Keep discussion relating to the topic set, any irrelevant content would be subject to removal. Please remember that the sub rules still apply.

Please feel free to access the focused feedback wiki page to review all the past threads compiled here.

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