For the love of all that’s good, fight smarter, not harder

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So I decided to give the game another shot after walking away during the winter event. After completing the events, decided to farm some tickets in Stonewood and left my game open to help out some lower level people. I'm PL 50, holding progression for when the questlines are completed for Canny and Twine, just for some background on me.

In my missions in Stone, I've been mostly running constructor, with other classes thrown in when there's at least one constructor. I build a simple pyramid, throw some kill tunnels up if possible, and bump up the difficulty to max because my traps and BASE can handle the increased 'difficulty', with some gunplay thrown in. If there's a pit/basement, I take out the staircase and throw some push traps next to it to let it do it's thing. All things that everyone should be doing.

Mission continues, and the other, lower level people eventually wander to the defense point, and decide that T 3 stone isn't enough with a BASE powering it, and that the kill tunnels are too open. They surround the base with T 1 wood 2 floors up, put up full walls in the kill tunnels, if there's a field in between the spawn point and the base put out a grid of T 1 wood knee high walls, and go to the spawn zone and fire their guns while in melee. While this is all going on, they decide that the resources that the BASE has been slowly gathering up while I was waiting for them to get done with their gathering was theirs also, just to add insult to injury.


If you're a newish player reading this, I'm not trying to rag on you. We were all there, and I'm pretty sure we all did the field of knee high walls at least once in our Fortnite career . Our biggest advantages as players is our range damage, our ability to build, and our mobility. Even Constructors, with their added. . . . mass, are more mobile than husks and mist monsters. A field of knee high walls needs us to jump over them which reduces our mobility, walls everywhere (and sometimes ceilings on our kill tunnels) blocks firing arcs, and with you running into the spawn, you're giving up the advantage that ranged weapons give you.

One of the reasons why the pyramid (or reverse pyramid) is so popular is that smashers love to break walls. anything that will stop them in their progress to the objective they will tear down quickly. Stairs/roof tiles don't actually stop them, so they don't beeline towards them. They also don't stop players from moving on/around it if you have an enclosed pyramid, so you're not giving up mobility for protection which is what you would have doing a box instead.

Husks and Mist Monsters will take the fastest way to the objective, figuring in everything that they have to smash to get there. Throwing up walls completely between the objective and their spawn will just have them smashing through the closest wall, or even just going around because it would be faster. The meat of StW is controlling the flow of the enemies, and the kinks that said enemies throw back at you like Mist Monsters, propane husks and elemental enemies. Make your life (and your team mates lives) easier by embracing this part of the game.

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