For those Ignored Artist out there…

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Disclaimer: i know they are working hard on lag, and all those issues but this problem has been in the community for a long time, and im not saying to stop working hard to make the game feel and play better, im just saying that epic should acknowledge the content creators of this subreddit, and give them a chance for their art to shine.


This SubReddit its Filled with Awesome artist that put their mind and heart to make great content and art. I have been searching Community made Heroes because im working on a project for my college to make concept art for a game i like.

I was looking for what was done before so i wont repeat any ideas and i came across THIS

A concept made by user u/noejun

This and more illustrations with equal artistic value around this subreddit are put here every month. But epic just wont listen or take notes, nope.

But then you look at Battle royale…

A skin bundle every month, Twitch prime Skins, Event skins, Backblings, emotes, pick axes, LTMs Concepts, Hero concepts, weapon concepts…. All that from a subreddit.

And Save the world ? Rarely anything related to creativity or community update its done… That illustration by Noejun i would pay 1500 vbucks or more for that Sarah if i could. I have done it before on battle royale. WHY I CANT DO IT HERE????

Why it seems that epic just wont pay attention to the artist of this community ? A shout out and an upvote its not enough.


"But hey OP" you would say…. Skins are count as a separated hero, i dont want to level up a third pathfinder jess.

EXACTLY this is my second point.


Why should i buy a hero skin and then level it up just to get a new look? Why cant we all have just "skin" variations of the classes who have one …. it WONT affect progress because its like having just two looks of the same hero.

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But what about the Tactical/Support Bonus?

Well then let us choose if we want to use the hero as a skin or as a separated character.

This could be a one timed decision that way you could get just the cosmetic value or the whole character value including perks and all that.

If you want to look a certain way you could pay for it, either Gold or vbucks if epic decides to do so. But give us the option, im sure if i look hard enough i will found MORE and MORE concepts for heroes and skins, for new game modes for new weapons.

a gold mine of content wasted because epic never takes ideas for this game, if they do they are community ideas from battle royale imported here.

But the ones that were originated here? Nope. cant do that. " its not the vision of our game" was that what you were about to say devs? i saved you a comment.

Please no more Reskins to be leveled up, please pay attention to those artist who truly love the game and want to make something unique, like game modes, or weapons.

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