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So I figured I would point out some hysterical FortNite facts about our hero’s. They are amazingly strong! Like, I think on par with the HULK or maybe even Thor himself. I came to this conclusion when I realized this skinny ass girl can carry an amazing amount of weight.

So let’s look at the numbers:

6000 9mm bullets @ .3oz each…. = 1800oz = 112 pounds or roughly 13.5 gallons of water.

4000 7.62 bullets @ ~.5oz each… = 2000oz = 125 pounds or roughly carrying Taylor swift on your back.

1000 large bullets? Say a 308 round? At .7oz = 43 pounds, that’s roughly the weight of a medium size dog!

Energy cells? Hrmm.. Well they are magical and for argument sake… we will say they are weightless.

So that ammo! Phew!

Let’s assume you’re not a hoarder and you only have 6-7 guns at a time.

A basic SCAR weighs roughly 8 pounds. (We don’t care if it’s go ammo in it or not because you’re already carrying 112 pounds of that)

So for argument sake you got 7 crafted SCAR’s on you that’s 49 pounds of guns that’s the weight of 741 bunches of roses!

And you need a melee weapon or two that collect dust.


So let say you got a Walloper… Well I’m not sure how to judge the weight of this, so let’s just say it’s a normal sledge hammer, and a decent one is about 20 pounds. So you got another 40 pounds of melee weapons. THAT’S like 907 pieces of sushi!!

OK what’s left? Oh noes! You got 4000 pieces of wood, concert and steel… GOOD LORD! We are going to have to make an assumption here…. The only one we can reliable weight is a brick, so a normal brick weights about 3.9 pounds each. THAT’S 15,600 pounds of brick ALONE!!! They put 500 on a pallet, so that’s about 8 pallets of brick. Pretty much a full tractor trailer load of brick. Or about the same weight of a nice Ice cream truck!

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So I digress, I think the point is reached… Your carrying around the equivalent of 13.5 gallons of water, Taylor Swift, a medium size dog, 741 bunches of roses, 907 pounds of sushi and an Ice cream truck. All kidding aside… Most people don’t even have a backpack….. Where the hell is Jess hiding all this?! Even magic has limits…

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