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FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Fortnite 2.0 | Endgame Raid Concept

Hiya! This is the first part of my Fortnite 2.0 project. My goal here to hopefully fix the issues I and most others have with not only STW but BR and Creative as well. One thing that comes to mind is the lack of a meaningful endgame. What I mean is an activity that incentives the player to grind for loot, cosmetics, etc. Fortnite doesn't really have that unless you wanna count Endurance which is fine but nowhere near worth the effort imo.

Let's look at Destiny (the inspiration for this concept) for a second. One of the reasons Destiny raids are such a big deal is because of the loot. If it weren't for Divinity, I probably would never play the Garden of Salvation raid. Now obviously in STW new weapons and heroes are usually acquired via Loot Llamas. Imagine instead of buying a llama and getting a trash duplicate or a weapon that you'll never use, you could instead play a raid, dungeon, etc. and get some new awesome weapons. I'm not trying to say loot is the only reason why raids are so popular however. Some of the bosses and encounters are just so awesome and memorable that it leaves the player wanting to come back for more. That's what I'm going for here. Meaningful loot and memorable encounters are what make raids so special.

Of course, my ideas aren't always perfect, if you have any criticisms or ideas, please share them with me. With that being said, let's dive into the encounters.

Encounter 1 – Labs

This encounter will have you and your 8-person team in a Vindertech lab trying to gain access to a prototype mech, the Mk18 Vindertech Lancer. In order to complete this encounter, you'll need to find the access codes to each mech. First, you'll need to look at the map which would be in the center of the room for the coordinates of each code. 4 people will go after the codes and the other 4 will stay in the lab.

The people going after the codes will need to complete a trial in order to get the code. The trials could be things such as build this structure in this amount of time or eliminate this enemy with 75% percent health. Upon completing a trial, you'll see a letter. You'll need to callout the letter with the other team so they can enter the code. I should also mention that each mech has a number from 1 – 4 so for example a part of the code would be 1,S so someone needs to go to mech 1 and enter the letter S. Repeat this until the codes are fully entered and boom the Labs encounter is complete.

Encounter 2 – The Gatekeeper

Now for the reason why you needed the mechs in the first place, the Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper is humanoid Storm monster surrounded by an energy shield. In order to break this shield, the mech team will need to eliminate a special enemy that grant a buff. Once that buff is at x4, the mechs will form a square around the Gatekeeper and fire a laser at him in order to temporarily destroy his energy shield.


Once his shield is down, all 8 players will gather around for DPS. Once a third of his health bar is gone, his shield will reactivate. Rinse and repeat until he's dead.

Encounter 3 – Portal

In order to reactivate the Portal to the Storm King's domain, you'll need to eliminate a special enemy in a certain order. Let's say you have 6 runes which we'll call Runes A-F and the rune order is ECBFDA. You'll need to eliminate the enemy with the rune E above it's head and pick up the rune it drops and insert it into the gate. Do this until the order is complete and the portal will open.

Encounter 4 – The Storm King

Now for the boss, the infamous Storm King. In order to beat him and the raid, you'll need to send 4 people back through the portal they came from. In order to open it back up you just need to eliminate the two guards surrounding it. Once there they'll find 4 special enemies with runes over their head. This time there's only 4 so only runes A-D. Let's say there's a Smasher with rune A over it's head. The team outside the Storm King's Domain (Overworld Team) will eliminate it and call out the rune to the Domain Team. Domain Team will need to stand on a plate that matches the rune of the enemy defeated. If done correctly, one of the Storm King's weakspots will start to glow. Repeat this until all of the weakspots are glowing.

At this point, Domain Team needs to deal as much damage to them as possible before either the time runs out or a third of the health bar is gone. Repeat until the health bar is empty. At this point the Storm King will be weakened and you can damage one of his horns. The damage phase won't be healthgated or timegated. Once the horn is broken you'll go to phase 2. Repeat the process again until phase 3.

During phase 3, the Overworld team will go back to the domain and the final damage phase will begin. In order to damage the Storm King all 8 players will need to stand on a plate with a rune. You'll need to stand on the first rune from the portal sequence so in this case you'd stand on the plate with the rune E on it. And then to rune C, and then B, and then rune F. If the Storm King still isn't dead, you'll go back to rune E. Once the Storm King is dead, the raid is finished.

Now for loot. Let's just use the Mythic Storm King weapons and make them all Legendary except for the Ravager which we could use as the Mythic Raid weapon.

This concept isn't perfect but hopefully it gives you an idea of what I'm going for. And yeah that's about it. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this concept and I'll see y'all next time!

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