Fortnite Account Hacked: I learned customer service has no resources to help

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It's not a wonderful feeling to get your game taken by a hacker. It's a worse feeling not getting any help from Epic. Sure wish they had a phone number to report fraud. They don't seem to answer customer tickets timely. I like the game but when a Russian Hacker visits and changes your password its a heart breaker. Not to mention you worry about your credit card.

Two-step authentication? Ah, no. I'm strange, I don't use Facebook. Google sign in? Ah, no/ I bought the game and set it up with a non-google e-mail and there wasn't an option to change e-mails on Fortnite.

Yes, I called my credit card company and cancelled the card. Since I purchased the right to play the co-op version, I'd like to continue to access it and have "my stuff." I play on my computer not a console. I don't have a console.

Wednesday, while working at the office, to my surprise, I received an e-mail that Fortnite had added a console to my profile. I thought that was strange but hey they are patching. I did respond to Epic that no, I didn't change anything and don't have a console, and then forgot about the e-mail. When I got home I started playing to get my aggression out. All was good as I killed zombies in a few games, then I got kicked. Damn service provider I thought; I logged back on. Got kicked again. Wash and repeat, right? Until I got an email on my phone in Russian from Epic Games–major sinking feeling. Then another e-mail from Epic arrived, sigh (no I didn't click any links or respond—can't read Russian anyway).


I tried to log-in to change my password. The hacker got to my Epic Profile first. However, I did change my password.

That trouble ticket. Well, honestly I sent two. I was unsure what category to select. No Fraud alert or stolen account option. After a few Billion dollars of revenue I'd think Epic could afford a couple employees for a Fraud telephone number or instant chat. Sure glad American Express has that 800 number on the back of its card.

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I did get an e-mail back from Epic after a few days with a link "to make sure it was me," asking me to confirm my e-mail address. The link took me to the account profile page, which the hacker had modified. Because the profile page details were changed I was disallowed from making new changes for two weeks, so no confirm back was possible: "too many resubmissions have been received." Thus the Russian hacker hijacked Epic's verification system.

Oh, I did get back in. The hacker bought me a nice Pink Bunny costume and a rescue package. If that cost real money I won't be paying. New American Express Card remember, fraud alert via telephone to a friendly service provider who answered.

I had another Epic moment of sadness and wrote this post after a good night's sleep.


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