Fortnite desperately needs challenging end game content

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I am not one to create suggestions or new game ideas because I know it will get ignored in the end like almost every other "Suggestions" thread in this forum, so I will explain why we need challenging end game content.


  • Powerlevel 91 Glass Cannon build (695 Fortitude, 2899 Offense, 769 Resistance, 2966 Tech)
  • Played since early access release
  • Finished all of main questline in Twine Peaks (Excluding SSD)
  • Grinded for hours for perk-ups and have several max perk schematics.
  1. Grind with no purpose

At some point in the game, you will find yourself wanting to test yourself in how well you can sustain an objective. To see how long you can last against a difficult defense. Fortnite at the current moment is not at that point.

Fortnite at its current state is a game about how long you can grind and how much cool stuff you can get. Which is not bad unless that is the only thing the game can offer.

Grinding usually is done with a purpose, for example, to get good gear to kill a raid boss. There is nothing like this in Fortnite. There is no purpose in grinding for good stuff if there isn't any challenging content to use it on. So make challenging content please.

  1. How the game is meant to be played

Missions in this game are extremely tedious (Epic has a fetish for timers). That is why I start missions without traps or buildings, deploy hover turret, then start building. Until high twine, there is no point to play the "correct" way. Traps, building defences, reinforcements, coordination; all of it is a waste of time because husks can be shot with simple left clicks with 4 players.

How can you make players play the "correct" way? Create content that will challenge players and make them do whatever necessary to even stay alive. Create situations that will require players to have game awareness. Give an incentive to keep playing the game.

For people that say "oh just go into plv 100 atlas 4 solo, max out diff pylon, and use fire guns against water husks if you want the game to be difficult lawl", it is terrible game design to require the player to play the game incorrectly to add difficulty.


That is all the reasons I can think of at the current moment. Do you think Fortnite needs more difficult content? If not, alternatives? Discuss.

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