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I am trying to build a coherent backstory for Fortnite. So far, this is what I have. A have invented a few things to fill what we don't know.

  • After Trinity Test in Jornada del Muerto the "zone zero" had one blugloo created.
  • Scientist study blugloo. They found how to create infinite energy firing lasers at it.
  • Many uses for blugloo are found. Quickly build structures. Power weapons. Even experimental AI and body enhancements.
  • Some people become addicted to blugloo, consuming it. These people would have
  • First storms. They would last a few days and occupy a small area. A swamp in florida. A forest in Montana.
  • The fight the storms, a special task force was created, the Storm Chasers. This group would fly quickly to affected area and mount a storm shield.
  • Vindertech secured a contract with the governement to build shelters and storm shield generators in every urban area. Storms where getting bigger.
  • Civilians would start training in self-defense to fight the husks that would appear in storms.
  • The Giant Storm. A single storm occupying the planet. 98% of all humanity dissapeared.
  • USA had storm shield defenses. A force to defend civilians from storm events, but was not ready for a event occupying all the territory. The task forced where overwhelmed. Many storm defense based where destroyed by the husks. Shelters where not powered.

This is where Save the World start.


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