Fortnite Needs a Building Tutorial, not a Building Nerf

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Fortnite Needs a Building Tutorial, not a Building Nerf

welcome to Fortnite: Battle Royale. The battle is building! This game is unlike any shooter you’ve played before, so lets go over the basics. Would you like to continue with the tutorial?

This should be the first thing you see when you open Fortnite for the first time ever.

The turbobuild changes in the patch clearly align with epic’s philosophy for giving new players a chance at victory royales and kills. They have essentially nerfed every player that knows how to build decently.

For new players, Fortnite can be overwhelming and downright not fun at all, because people that are better will literally toy with you and you can’t do anything, helpless. I remember when I first started in season 3, it never even crossed my mind to build during combat. The concept was so far away from my mind and my perception of shooter video games. Someone shot at me, so I shot back. And there I was, stuck wondering why I could never even get a kill, never mind a win.

The only time I built was to make a ramp so I could reach a mountain top or chest. It wasn’t until I came across a video of Myth 1v1 build battling some guy and had my mind blown that I realized I was doing it wrong the whole time. It looked like they were playing a totally different game than I was playing.

So what did I do? I watched tutorials. I went to Wailing Woods and farmed 999 wood then did ramp rush with a single wall. Then with a double ramp. Then with double ramp plus walls. Eventually I started getting better. Before I knew it I had my first win, and the feeling was so incredible because I knew that I had put in some work and improved.


I can’t imagine getting your first win with a BRUTE feeling nearly as good as that.

My point is, instead of trying to give more casual players a chance at winning with gimmicky overpowered items, or by nerfing the core mechanic of the game, Epic should be giving them the tools and guidance that they need to become good players themselves. Don’t fight against the core mechanic of the game, embrace it.

A simple tutorial that demonstrates things like building a wall to protect yourself, building a 1×1, building ramps with walls or floors to support, editing a window to shoot a target on the other side. Let people know when they come into the game for the first time that building is something that they WILL NEED to learn if they want to succeed. Building is as if not more important than shooting in this game. This statement will always be true (unless epic continues in the direction they’re currently in).

A simple tutorial like this would not only give new players the tools they need to succeed, but would also warn them about the skill gap of building, and smooth the transition which admittedly can be difficult.

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