Fortnite Raid Boss Mode

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This is an idea for a potential Raid Boss game mode in Fortnite’s Save The World.


Ray: So, uh…commander? We have a bit of a problem. We seem to have a “Category 6” storm on our hands. I didn’t even know that was possible! Then again, we are trying to resist a storm that can constantly spawn husks and other abominations, so I guess anything is possible.

Oh! Speaking of abominations, what makes this storm so special, aside from the obvious Category 6 rating, is the fact that the storm seems to have manifested some kind of…giant mist monster, which will most likely kill us all if we don’t do anything about it. In order to deal with this thing, we’re gonna need a ton of weapons, even more bullets, and literal flip-ton of


The Category 6 storm is a game mode where you are 14 other players use bullets, lasers, and Atlas cannons to fight a giant, floating raid boss with a ton of health.


• 15 players spawn

• 20 minutes to prepare

• Place down a BluGlo power generator. This is the main thing that the players will fortify and defend.

• Near the fort, place BluGlo Cannons. These cannons will be doing the most damage to the boss.


• Cannons require 200 metal to be built.

• You’ll need to connect the cannons to the generator, like tracks.

• You’ll need to insert 2 BluGlo for every cannon you place, to power them.

• You can have a maximum of 6 cannons.

• Fortify the area around the generator. Husks will spawn.

• Once the the storm starts, the storm will come.


• When the boss spawns, it will be a giant mist monster. It will float around a certain area nearby the fort.

• The boss can shoot lasers at teammates. They do a ton of damage, so that’s why so many teammates are needed.

• The boss can be damages with regular weapons, all well as the BluGlo cannons, that fire at the monster every 50 seconds. The cannons do more damage than weapons.

• In addition to the boss, husks and mist monsters will spawn. That’s why you need to fortify and you need to have more people.

• If the generator is destroyed, the players receive a mission defeat.

• When the boss is destroyed, the players receive a mission victory.

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