Fortnite: Save the World, how a remake could work

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Fortnite: Save the World, how a remake could work

Hello! After that infamous patch notes by Epic, announcing that Save the World isn't their priority now, I've decided to think about a remake of this game mode.

How could it work?

If there's a new STW, a total remake, the game should be an open world game, a huge world, full of mysteries.

Save the World remastered should have a brand new story, but heavily inspired by STW story, this new STW should have a mission system, primary missions and secondary missions, and a new level system.

Let's start:

  • Map:

The map for a STW Remake should be huge, an example of a huge and full of life map it's the Red Dead Redemption 2 map, with many biomes and easter eggs all over the area, the STW remake map can be an island, like Battle Royale island, but lots of times bigger and with lots and lots of different biomes, cities and factories destroyed by the storm and husks, and some shelters where you can find big or small communities of survivors that you can recruit.

In a mission of the main story you'll have to search a good zone for making a homebase, and that's were Save the World should begin.

There could be little islands around the main island, where you can find loot and abandoned camps.

Here's a biome map:

  • Transport:

Besides walking, there could be a new transportation system, with cars, trains, bikes, abandoned subways and more.

  • Missions:

There could be primary and secondary missions, secondary missions could work as an easy way to level-up, and primary missions explain the main story, that take place all over the map, the main plot of STW is about our heroes trying to save the world by eliminating Husks and building devices to try to stop the storm, and in the end of STW, you fight the terrible and powerful Storm King

  • Story DLCs:

There could be Story DLCs, and there could be even a DLC about the interesting Lore of Battle Royale, specially the Chapter 1 story, that'd be amazing!

  • Level system:

The level system gives you more strenght, HP and access to level-exclusive items in the Item Shop, some missions will requiere having a high level, you can do those missions but you'll loose if you're not skilled and don't know how to dodge your enemy.

  • Item shop:

The item shop will work like in the current STW, nothing too interesting, but obviously, a new and revamped UI could be better than the shop we have right now, here's a little idea of how could it look:

  • Battle Pass:

A battlepass system would be cool and fun to level up, it could have exclusive Battle Pass items, heroes, weapons, Loot Llamas and schematics, here's a great concept of how could it look:

And well, this is the end of my concept, sorry if this concept is weird and you can't understand it, english isn't my main lenguage and I'm tired, hope you like it

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