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Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to create another hypothetical update that would give me something to look forward to in the future. I am more interested in spurring positive conversation and bringing forth real, concrete ideas about my favorite game, and not at all interested in vague abstracts or spiteful whining. Below is a complete list of all my ideas, and what I think should be changed.

Let's jump right in:

Fortnite: Save The World Patch Notes v2

Main Menu

  • You can now choose what weapons you want to showcase on the wall on the Armory tab.
  • Introducing the Player Card!
    • Show off statistics such as your top 3 most used heroes, time played with all heroes, and more on your new public Player Card!
  • Introducing the Leaderboard! Fight your way to become number one in the new public leaderboard.
  • Introducing the Enemy Guide! Easily see detailed enemy info for each husk type.
    • This will include health, impact meter, speed, damage, weak points, and more!
  • Added the option to delete items in storage.
  • Added the option to automatically pin the Main Quest after the previous one has been completed.
  • Consoles can now view skippable victory cinematics after successful missions.
  • Introducing the Archive!
    • Visit the Archive to view/hear all of the audio logs that you have unlocked, as well as other story items.
  • You are now able to collect People expeditions even if your storage is overflowed. Previously, an overflowed storage would restrict collecting all expeditions.
  • Removed the blue squares blocking vision when editing walls and floors. See through with ease!
  • Players are now notified of new v-buck alerts while viewing the Map screen.
  • Playstation players can now use the touch pad to quickly scroll to the desired amount you wish to transfer.


  • The constructors passive ability has returned! Build and upgrade structures at a reduced cost.
  • R.O.S.I.E. will not overheat.
  • Shockwave now eliminates all bees in its radius.
  • After leveling a hero to five stars, you now have the ability to set the hero outfit to look like any of the previous star levels.
  • Soldiers are now able to pick up loot while using the minigun.
  • You are now unable to receive legendary defenders with different subclass perks (e.g. a melee defender with two sword damage and one axe damage perks). This subclass prevention excludes SMG and assault rifle defenders.


  • Added a new enemy – the healer!
  • All players now receive the cache reward if a miniboss falls off the map and dies.
  • Introducing the miniboss stage 2 – Mega Modifier!
    • Beware of the evolving miniboss! High level minibosses will now mutate into something… more deadly. Keep an eye on those modifiers!


  • Recycling a schematic now correctly gives all reperk invested from switching perks.
  • New Weapons
    • The Flamethrower! Burn husks to a crisp with this newest addition. Does not consume ammo, but has low durability.
    • The Chainsaw! Rip through Riot Huskies with this newest addition. Does not consume ammo, but has low durability.
  • Traps
    • Freeze traps now displays the Impact statistic when inspecting the schematic.
    • Cozy campfires now displays the Healing Amount statistic when inspecting the schematic.
    • Broadsides no longer block vision after firing.
    • Optimized the Tire Drop Trap.
    • You can now view/toggle the perks of a placed trap.

User Interface (UI)

  • Scroll with ease! Two more columns have been added to the backpack crafting screens on Ranged Weapons, Melee Weapons, and Traps. No more empty space!
  • Collected BluGlo now appears at the top of your inventory next to building materials.
  • Teammates now appear as different colors on the in-game minimap.
  • All teammates now see a notification when a teammate has entered the DBNO state.
  • Updated and improved the in-game interface.
  • The pickaxe will now prefer the environment over enemies in close quarters. Before, the pickaxe would often favor enemies over the bullseye when harvesting.


  • Community Lookout
    • Added an option for matchmaking – Endurance Assist! Endurance modes have been removed from Storm Shield Assist matchmaking.
  • Rescue The Survivors
    • Missions now ends shortly after the last survivor has been rescued.
  • End Screen
    • Added a Stats screen at the end of each mission! See the number of total resources you and your teammates have collected from your current mission. This feature will be worked on in the future, as we intend to include a list of husks killed, damage done, and an overall better visual explanation of player score at the end of the mission.
    • End screens now behave in one animation.
  • Previewing the rewards for a mission on the Map tab now shows the full number of XP for the selected mission.
  • Doubled the rewards received from completing Danger In The Mist (100 re-perk to 200 re-perk).
  • All players can now contribute towards the total BluGlo amount for an objective (e.g. Fight The Storm).
  • Reduced the sound proximity near exploding death bomb.
  • Significantly reduced death bomb damage to the Deliver The Bomb tracks.
  • Wargames rewards have been increased.
  • When there is a banner active, a player in the DBNO state now has the option to either Respawn At Start or Respawn At Player_Name's Banner. If multiple banners are active, then you may choose which banner to respawn at.
  • You can now open doors while DBNO. The auto-open doors setting has been disabled while DBNO.
  • Added the option to force-respawn (suicide option). Very rarely players would encounter an under-map bug, get stuck in the terrain, or encounter glitches that would have prevented them from continuing the mission.
  • No vote now defaults to Yes. We believe this will help with the heavily delayed start of missions due to AFKers.
  • Added the ability to show/hide current structure limit in your storm shield.
  • The Troll's exploding bomb no longer damages the environment.
  • Smoothed the FPS when turning corners while riding the bomb in Deliver The Bomb missions.
  • You can now destroy the track in front of the launcher in Deliver The Bomb missions.


  • Survivor pylons – You can no longer place a floor, upgrade it, then talk to the survivor. Pylon Place interaction now requires picking up the pylon as intended.
  • All around the globe! Zones are now spread across the entire globe on the Map screen; swivel the globe to select the right zone.
  • The restriction on ammo storage has been removed. Player's backpacks can now hold several stacks of the same ammo type.
  • Players can now crouch.
  • All 6 star materials have been removed.
  • Team Chat
    • New option for team chat – "Storm Chest"
    • New option for team chat – "Thanks"
    • New option for team chat – "gg"
    • Replaced "Rally Point" with "Upgrade"
  • Free loot? Not so fast! Mimics now appear visually different depending on the level of the chest. Beware the tier 6!
  • Survivors saved from the survivor pylon will no longer stand inside/block the gift box.
  • Fixed the jump fatigue bug from activating under common circumstances.
  • You can now summon defenders without being forced to give them a weapon.
  • Introducing the backpack filter! Avoid automatically picking up low star level items.

Coming Soon

  • New miniboss modifier – Strike! This electric modifier sends bolts of lightning through its enemies.
  • The Airstrike gadget now leaves a pool of fire on the ground, similar to the Quad Launcher.
  • Change homebase name
  • You can now shoot the limbs off of enemies
  • You can now place builds on radar towers without being forced to pre-edit. Edit your structures to fit the radar tower layout, then collect your reward!
  • New game mode: Mountain Climb
    • Build your way to the top of the mountain all while avoiding the rising lava, environmental obstacles, and increasing husk spawn points.

I hope you guys enjoyed some of my ideas for Save The World. You can reach me at Discord, Twitter, Instagram, or Twitch, but I'm not gonna link anything cuz that's not the point. I look forward to hearing everyone else's ideas and I hope that this feedback helps. Some of this stuff I really want to see added into the game. If you want to see my first mock patch notes from 5 months ago, check my profile. See you guys in the next set of "patch notes"!

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