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Hi everyone, Fortnite has had another big bump in player count this week and we were not prepared for it. We have had a ton of issues and we are working hard to getting them sorted. We can't apologize to our players enough, and you can be sure that we are going to make this right. We can only ask you for your patience. We will likely be taking Fortnite offline for a while so we can work through this. We'll let you know when that will happen. We will update you soon on the next steps.

UPDATE: 11:48 AM The Fortnite party service is down, and Solo and Fill are the only modes available. Players should expect downtime to fix the problem later today.

UPDATE: 1:43 PM Eastern: Our ongoing work on the party issues inadvertently resulted in some players being placed in an incorrect region. This should self correct, but please make sure to check you are on the your correct region before matchmaking! Screenshot:

UPDATE 2:18 PM Eastern: Party and Social services are continuing to be impacted. We are investigating ways to mitigate and are continuing to look into the root cause. We are unsure if downtime will be necessary today.

UPDATE 4:15 PM Eastern: Party and Social services are still being impacted, but we are looking into a lead involving network configuration that may be the root cause. We’re doing everything we can to avoid downtime, however, this does still remain a possibility for later.


UPDATE 6:41 PM Eastern: We think we’ve found a fix for these social/friend issues that does not require downtime. Players may have connection/matchmaking issues as we deploy, if this occurs continue to retry. We’ll update again once we’ve started.

UPDATE 9:05 PM Eastern: We’ll be starting the potential fix soon! Remember that during deployment players may experience some temporary connection/matchmaking issues. We’ll update everyone after we’ve released the fix.

UPDATE 11:00 PM Eastern: We’ve released the fix! We’re currently monitoring party/social stability to determine if this was successful. Another update to come soon on whether or not social features have been fully restored. Let us know if you’re still having any problems.

UPDATE 12:07 AM Eastern: So far things are looking good with this fix. If you are still having issues with any social features or parties then please restart your game client. If you continue to have problems after restarting please reach out to us on any of our social media outlets.

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