Fortnite should copy Splatoon ranking system, this mighy solve AFK problems

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Fortnite should copy Splatoon ranking system, this mighy solve AFK problems

For those that havent played Splatoon on nintendo wii u or switch, pretty much the better you play the higher your rank gets, from as low as D rank all the way to S rank, you get put with players the same rank as you, playing poorly or if the game detects a sign of afk lower your exp rank and possibly your rank gets lowered

For incentive of reaching high rank you get better rewards at the end of the game to match the effort you put into the game

What this does in this game is that even if you afk the whole game and finish the mission, the amount of resources you gathered to the amount of rewards you get at the end of the mission will be based on your rank, the lower your rank, the lower the rewards, forcing the player to play or risk there rank being lowered


Looking at storm shield one website, i noticed the afkers i met have a really low score in areas such as husk killed to survivors rescued and even structures built (may change this to structures built around the defense) We can use these scores to determine the players rank, the player needs to continuously maintain a good point in each area every month in order to maintain in the high A to S rank in order to possibly gain rewards such as Mythic heroes, survivors and even event based weapons which are not included in the current set

Overall this can stop AFK and force even the afkers to even play in order to gain such rewards, if you do have to afk or farm and ignore the objective, please play the mission solo and dont ruin the fun for others

Thank you for your time in reading this, i would like to here your suggestions in this idea

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