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Helllo fellow commanders! Today bring you all certain additions that would make STW feel more in line with the now improved Battle Royale, or that atleast on my opinion would pick my interest back into the game. I hope you enjoy reading!

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Twine Peaks Storyline

Everyone wants one, and if you know someone who doesn't, they are probably lying. I feel like a new-fully voiced campaign questline would certainly make the old players return and would also make newer players excited to get to Twine. Of course, it would continue from where it was left off.

Ever since the Stand and Fight campaign ended in Canny, now there's a new purpose for Homebase and it is to find out what's going to happen with the storm. And of course, find out Power Chord's whereabouts!

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Twine Peaks Rework

As it stands, Twine Peaks feels very empty and souless when compared to the rest of the maps such as Plankerton or Canny. And that's understandable, since it isn't finished.

My idea is for a Volcanic and Jungle biome for Twine and make those pesky lava beans dissapear once and for all.

The biomes would be similar to the unique scenarios seen in the pirate event from Season 8.

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Rewards Rework

It was promised some time ago that higher level missions would have better rewards, but that is yet to be seen.

But I personally think that besides buffing rewards, the requirements for leveling stuff up should be lowered at a certain percentage, after all, grinding is annoying. Or another option would be to make these kinds of rewards more common, as is the case with XP.

Maybe It's just me, but I'd rather try out new heroes and weapons without having to worry much about my resources, but I do know that others prefer to grind. Let me know below what's your personal stance!

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More Gamemodes

For every event, we get a seasonal game mode too, and while that is fine, when there are no events around, the game gets boring pretty quickly, since you are stuck doing the same missions over and over.

I think having multiple game modes such as Horde Rush for STW, Horde Bash/Challenge the Horde and Frostnite would help alleviate the wait for new events and lessen the boredom that preys STW players, specially when there are long wait times in between updates.

Now, onto the minor or quality of life changes:


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Resources Recombobulator

If you are like me and enjoy trying out new weapons, or just like to have a good stock of guns or traps, you might find yourself running out of crafting materials pretty quickly. On the other hand, if you are also like me, you might find yourself full of low level materials that serve no purpose anymore.

That's where the Resources Recombobulator would come in handy. You could, say, convert 50 Rusty Mechanical Parts into 5 Efficient Mechanical Parts or something of the like.

That's what I thought atleast, so this may or may not be a good idea, but I'd certainly like something similar, just to have a use for those low level mats.

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Improved Movement

STW doesn't have bad movement mechanics, but I feel like bringing in more moves could help out the game feel smoother.

Pretty essential things, such as crouching, swimming (and to also include actual water like in BR!) and vaulting/jumping over obstacles would help out getting through troublesome parts of certain levels.

Maybe even climbing, but that's what building is for.

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At last, my favourite BR addition would also be a great implementation for STW. Imagine fishing husklings or mats, or even getting a rare mythic fish!

I feel like fishing would add a great little activity to do while waiting in missions for objectives to complete.

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Mission Optimization

You know how it is, right? You get into a mission and half of the time spent in there is just lost waiting.

I propose a system in which, the better you do (killing husks, completing sub-objectives, clearing encampents, etc.) the faster you get through missions. Maybe reduce a few seconds or accelerate mission objectives, but anything that reduces waiting times would be welcomed.

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People often complain that random players either don't contribute to the objective or leech/trade.

A simple solution would be a party up system such as CSGO's. You search for a group of competent players and you queue up to do missions with them. Would work wonders on reducing the toxicity, perhaps.

Closing Points

That's all, I hope you enjoyed reading my post as much as I did writing it and that you have a good day. – DaveySan7

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