Fortnite STW (Ventures) – Enemy Concepts with Visuals

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Fortnite STW (Ventures) - Enemy Concepts with Visuals

Hello guys! After not posting for so long I started to miss this sub a bit. So today I bring you some ideas I've had for some time, visualized and with made up abilities and stats. Take in mind these are just concepts, so yeah, they might not be balanced, and excuse the crappy editing in some. That's all!

Bull / Superstar Husk

Watch out or he might tackle you!

If you've ever played Plants vs Zombies, you know these types of zombies very well. Sturdy, cool looking and sometimes annoying. This husk type esentially would serve as a mini-smasher. He can tackle you and deal some damage, just like a smasher, coming up running at you or can also run past traps with some significant velocity.
His alt ability is throwing rugby balls that can push you back, with small damage, but they can also lay around and make you bounce. Think of him as a mix of a Pitcher + Smasher. They are less durable than a chrome husky but more durable than a normal husky. Their helmets can be popped off with melee attacks for easy killing.

Miner / Scavenger Husk

Sneaky, annoying, but weak. All in one husk!

The Miner husk (or Scavenger) is a support type of husk. It does not directly engage on battle, but rather it stays behind the front lines. It's job is to dig a small tunnel under the main objective (ATLAS, RTL Van, RTD Balloon, etc.) and break the defenses from the inside. You can tell they are around with a loud digging noise with a pickaxe and a hard hat coming from the surface of the floor, besides dirt all around. Like in PVZ. They don't directly attack the objective, but rather prefer to break traps or structures from the inside so other husks have a safer way. They are as weak as a normal husk.


Captain / Chief Husk

Menacing muscles and an even more menacing attitude!

The Captain husk is a rare husk that only appears towards the middle or the end of a mission, depending on what type of mission and it replaces the miniboss. It usually leads a small group of husks (that have a read aura around them) to the objective, but the catch is that these husks have been beefed up. They regenerate health quickly, do more damage, are more aggresive and traps and abilities deal less damage to them. But, these effects can be negated upon killing the Captain husk. For himself he's not much, but husks will gravitate towards defending him too. If you decide to kill his group of husks, he'll get enraged and will become aggresive but he's not too tough to beat. Upong dying he'll drop what the miniboss would normally drop.

Storm Fiends / Cube Monsters

Fearsome, attacking in packs and very defending of their territory, they are the cube fiends!

Cube Fiends can go either 2 ways: They can be special modifiers for missions or they can be a natural spawn enemy in the mission. Besides that, the storm fiends spawn when a lightning bolt hits the terrain, creating a big storm crystal wherever it hit, and spawning these guys. Unless the crystal is destroyed, these guys will spawn over and over, or you can kill them and slowly deplete the crystal's energy, destroying itself in the end. They drop ores depending on the mission's level. They would behave like in BR.

That's all, hope you guys enjoyed. If you have any feedback, feel free to post it below. Thanks!

Credits: Epic – Most Assets
jq ue ar y and Galaxyi – Miner Husk Parts

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