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This is a theory on Fortnite from season 4-X

This is mainly from the visitor recordings

There are 7 of “them” The 7 could be each special skin from each season like Enforcer, A.I.M, Scientist etc.

Using info from the recordings, it sounds line the island is in a time loop which can explain why there are 100 people landing there to battle every time.

The Visitor wants to stop the time loop. But in order to stop it, the island has to be destroyed. He created a device to destroy the island back in season 4 but they didn’t calculate the formation of the island, which caused the rifts to appear and mess up their plans.

The Visitor had created a bridge between his time/dimension and our time/dimension so he could travel between them. But he knew he would need a team.

His team comes from different timelines, and each timeline is one season. The visitor came from one timeline. The enforcer came from another.

The visitor knew he needed a team to destroy the island and stop the loop. So he “visited” each timeline to recruit people to join his team.

He recruited: Enforcer-Season 5 A.I.M-Season 6 Prisoner-Season 7 Ruin-Season 8 Singularity-Season 9 Scientist-Season 10/X

The fortnite storyline has been following the visitor recruiting members for his team to destroy the island and stop the loop


He came back to the island with his team in Season X to build the rocket and prepare for the second rocket launch. Near the end, his team got stuck in the loop, so he created the recordings in case he got stuck in the loop.

His recording told him to activate the beacon(rocket) at the exact tune the timer reaches zero

The visitor made rift beacons create more rifts so that the second rocket launch wouldn’t fail. He didn’t intend to change the locations on the map.

He talked about destroying the zero point, which could be the cause of the loop. But in order to destroy that, he needs to destroy the whole island

So now the skins need to have a reason for being recruited

Visitor- Here to destroy the zero point and created the team

Enforcer- Time police who noticed the time loop

A.I.M-(help me out?)

Prisoner- (help me out for this too)

Ruin-(hi..need help again)

Singularity-She is the gatekeeper of the vault. Maybe the reason why she wasn’t there when we broke in was because she was being recruited by the visitor.

Scientist-She has higher tech weapons/devices cause she’s from further into the future line the B.R.U.T.E(thank god it explodes on impact)

The timeline we are in consists of each timeline that each member of the 7 belong to.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading I appreciate it:)This time me a long time.

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