Fortnitemares V6.20 update, commencing slow claps

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Sorry, but I just have to unload this:

  • New chat box is pathetic, I don't think I need to say more. Heck, I'll say more anyway:
    • Have to press twice to get out of it.
    • Sending a message is equally aggravating.
    • Shows almost no text at all, and scrolls to the wrong line when you exit the window.
    • Covers some of the UI buttons like collecting one of the two free reskins.
    • I have 2 Team tabs now with one of 'em nonfunctional and permanent.
    • Global chat is back with a vengeance, covering my screen in all the Youtube grade goodness it was left from last time. Meanwhile Founder's chat is still disabled.
  • New friends list in-game shows the default banner.
  • I just love being forced into p76 missions for the ENTIRE EVENT while I have all my weapons T5'ed, expect me to run sentries and TEDDYs all event long! (Not even mentioning the lower PL's expecting me to carry them- oh, I just did)
  • Sound randomly stops, especially when navigating the Skills tab.
  • Adrenaline Rush still doesn't revive.
  • Bull Rush still randomly cancels out.
  • Obliterator sometimes doesn't deal damage to a wall.
  • Lobby doesn't show who I'm playing with as it doesn't update the player names and what heroes they are using.
  • Same recycled event with same heroes, yet I have to redo the whole thing, can't I keep my progress from last time?
  • Repeatable quests like "Monsters in the Mist" were reset for no reason.
  • Removing the red reticle, after putting it back a few patches ago… Make up your mind? (or in other words, leave it in, this ain't BR, we need it here)
  • The legendary survivor in the event shop has 2 arrows pointing to the left. I didn't bother checking the other items yet, but I'd imagine it's broken on all items.

Ofcourse there are some good changes:

  • Armory seems to browse a bit better now with less freezing.
  • Weak spot on bomb tracks.

But seriously Epic, step up your game. This level of QA is way beneath you, this has been going for every update now and I've never seen this happen during the Open Testing era. There's just so many issues that you'd expect could've easily been caught AND fixed before release. What happened to adding a list of known bugs to the patch notes?

I've been through this event a couple of times now and honestly being stuck at 76p is unrewarding, and redoing these overly long "place X 15 times" quests AGAIN is pushing me away. Splitting up an event in parts again ain't helping either, I'm afraid I might not have the will to finish part 1 yet again just so I can get to the new bits later on.


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