Fortnite’s Storyline Is Following the Norse Mythology of Ragnarok

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Fortnite's Storyline Is Following the Norse Mythology of Ragnarok

Ever since season 5, the idea of Fortnite following the Norse Mythology of Ragnarok has been a possibility hence the tier 100 outfit named Ragnarok.

The story of Ragnarok didn’t begin until the end of season 6 in which we saw the appearance of the iceberg out in the ocean. Upon the iceberg colliding with the island, the Ice King summoned an Ice Storm upon the island, this being Fimbulwinter (a winter that lasts three normal winters without any summer in between).

Here’s where things get a little confusing. The following events take place out of order in relation to the Norse mythology of Ragnarok. In the mythology, The monstrous wolf Fenrir and Jormungand, a sea serpent, are set free. Following this, Loki, the traitor of the gods, breaks free from the chains that the Gods have locked him in. Fenrir/Jormungand resembles the monster from Polar Peak, and Loki resembles the Fire King/Prisoner.

Anyways, back to Season 7. It can be deduced that the Fire King and ice king had a “falling out/disagreement” that led to his imprisonment. This is evident in the round table of chairs in the Polar Peak castle, with one chair being knocked over, that chair being the Fire King’s. Furthermore, loading screens and outfit descriptions from season 7 delineate the idea that the ice king had frozen over the castle in order to keep balance, followed by summoning the ice storm in order to keep the balance from breaking. After the prisoner broke free from his chains, he ventured across the island, slowly unlocking his fire magic.


Alright, now we’re in season 9. Fenrir/Jormungand also known as the Polar Peak Monster (Cattus) has been causing destruction on the Fortnite island similar to how Fenrir ran across the Earth, devouring everything in his path.

Now we’re talking about the season 9 finale (the Cattus vs Doggus event). In the Norse mythology of Ragnarok, Odin will fight Fenrir. In Fortnite, the robot will fight Cattus. Relating back to the story of Ragnarok, Odin and his men will fight Fenrir, however, they fail and Fenrir swallows Odin and his men. Following this, Thor succeeds in killing Jormunguad. I believe that Singularity will resemble Thor and will be the one to take town Cattus based on how significant she is portrayed to be in the story. (The Statue in Neo Tilted, the mask in The Vault). Following this, the remains of the world fall into the ocean, leaving nothing but the void. Creation and everything that has ever occurred will be undone. However, a new (neo) world emerges from the ocean, a world beautiful and green.

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Based on the similarities present in both Ragnarok and Fortnite, it is highly probable that Fortnite will be seeing a new map. With Fortnite entering its 10th season and it’s two year anniversary, it would seem like a good time to create a new map, or at the very least completely overhaul the current one. Thanks for reading my theory. Let me know what you think.

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