Forts, Zombies and…Magic? Oh My!

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Forts, Zombies and...Magic? Oh My!

Hello everyone, I'd like to write up and idea that I've had floating around in my head for a fair while now.

Magic, in Fortnite. So, with the upcoming Hero Rework/expanded hero system, what if it paved the way for a new class? or at least a few unique heroes.

// Magic, I feel is like a line in Fortnite that it likes to sneak it's toes over here and there, without ever actually taking a full step. Fortnite already has:

Potions, Portals, Otherworldy creatures, Werewolves, Vampires, reality-bending abilities, and characters with power over or in sync with the elements (The Ice King and Queen, The Fire Lord etc) and Self Assembling Structures.

Although I do remember RaY mentioning "building systems" so maybe that last one doesn't count. But if you look at the game from a slightly different angle, it certainly looks like a magical world.

Now, yes the potions and portals have a well established place and purpose in "The other mode" with the characters just being "Pretty Skins" but STW is the place where these things can truly shine with creativity. The concept of magic could slip into Fortnite quite painlessly, especially by making use of some of its existing systems and ideas. I know just the guy to demonstrate this since we're getting more BR skins…

((I imagine he would function largely like the popular Dragon Ninja, i.e heavily ability reliant. What kind of abilities could he have? Well…))


Summons an infectious Miasma in an area, applying a powerful affliction DoT to any husks that move through it for 10 seconds, each step the husks take applies a 10% snare, and increases the duration of affliction by 1 second, to a maximum of 50% and 5 seconds respectively. ((Good 'ol Affliction, it has struggled finding a place on our guns and melee weapons, but what about being applied as an ability for a change?))

Freezes any enemies in a wide ark solid, applying vulnerability. Srikes them with powerful lightning, shattering the ice, and setting them on fire.

The Warlock punches a hole in reality with an enchanted fist, porting him out of harm's way and shattering the sky. The rift lingers for a few seconds, allowing allies to slip through as well. Husks that come into contact with the rift fall to their doom. ((Much as this idea's my favorite, and as fun as whisking yourself away with a Rift-to-Go is, it'd have certain requirements for a STW environment. * Only the Warlock is ported automatically * Team mates must interact with the rift as they would a regular item to (try) and combat trolling * As ever-impressive as it is to shatter the sky, we'd probably need the Sky Diving mechanic from BR. Finally a STW use for our Gliders and Contrails perhaps? Something for epic to expand on? As I've seen a few posts on here talk about the anticlimactic "Re/spawn Point"

Final Thought: Thankyou for reading!

I hope STW becomes all the wonderful things it can be, and the Rework is a solid step in the right direction. I've been playing since October 2018 and this game was exactly what I needed to fill the hole that WoW has left in my heart.

I love Fortnite <3

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