Founders Deserve More

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Before I copy and paste my rant, I want to say that this is a long post and it may just seem like rambling and you guys may not all agree with me. Please keep an open mind on this and don't be rude about it.


Hello everyone! As you guys may know, the founders exclusive skins were just released today. They are great skins but they for sure do not show that we are founders and care about save the world. I'm not trying to sound like an elitist, and I'm not trying to be rude to anyone, but the founders skins suck. Not in a visual way, I believe that the skins look awesome. But one problem with the skins are that you guys left them out for people who purchase the founders packs in the future. This is a problem because these skins to me and probably many other people no longer represent that we supported save the world. I bought the game on January 20 of this year. Since the skins are still available with the purchase of the founders pack and Save The World is on sale, battle Royale players see this as simply a two for one deal with skins and back blings. They purchase the pack only to get the skins and never touch STW. This may seem somewhat petty and I'm not trying to come off like that, but I just feel like action should be taken on this matter. Maybe these skins should only be unlocked when you complete a certain storm shield defense somewhere in plankerton, or at a certain PL. Because right now, what these skins mainly represent are, yes, founders, but you really can't tell who bought the game because they liked it and wanted to support Epic, or who bought it because of the sale just for some new skins. I'm not saying that people who just bought the pack, say, yesterday shouldn't get them. They are still founders and they still gave up money for them to support save the world. I'm saying that people who think they can hop on the bandwagon and think they should be able to get two skins for $20 and to never touch stw is not fair. These should be unlocked with some sort of progress, not just $20. I expect to get down voted to hell, but at least I could speak out about this. It bothers me that Epic keeps these so called "exclusive skins" out for anyone to get. If you read this whole thing, thank you very much and I hope that I have people that agree with me on this.

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