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I know what the first comment is going to be, “that would be pay to win” or “your just salty because you bought the limited or ultimate edition and got screwed over” one might say. But the fact of the matter is yes I did get screwed over buying those packs, the founder’s weapons (Not Including Revolt or Masamune) aren’t even worth using, they are absolute GARBAGE, all I’m asking for is to make them comparable to other weapons in the game that are decent . I do understand why the Founder’s Heroes can’t be changed because then making a player without the upgraded Founder’s Pack could not make a certain load out, but the weapons can be buffed so It is “usable” and not “trash”. ——————————————————————— 1. The Deconstructor is obsolete compared to most shotguns. The best three shotguns in the game would probably be the Helium Shotgun, Stalwart Squire, and the Dragoon, but I’m not asking for them to buff it so it has a competitive advantage against the players that did not buy those Founders Packs. All I’m asking for Epic to change the perks a little where we can add one more crit damage perk instead of the regular damage perk that can’t be changed to anything else that is decent. 2. Don’t even get me started on the Drumroll. ( I am going to start anyway ) The drumroll could be considered one of the worst guns if not the worst in the game. All epic needs to do is buff the damage so it would be comparable to other LMGs like the Mercury, Hacksaw, or the Candy Corn. 3. The quick shot isn’t as bad as the other Founder’s weapons, sure it is weak but most other full auto pistols in the game do around the same damage, maybe they could buff the damage a tiny bit. 4. Lastly the Nocturno. This gun used to be one of the best guns in the game when I first started playing, that is why everyone wanted it so badly and what really sparked the trading epidemic, but I am not asking them to buff it to that extent just a buff to make it an good option to use. Since they have added so many other great weapons into the game there has been not point in using the Nocturno, Epic needs to find a middle ground for these founder’s weapons where it doesn’t dominate over other weapons and it isn’t hot garbage. ——————————————————————— Wrapping it all up, In the current state of the game the Founder’s Weapons are garbage and not worth using, it is not worth your money to buy the upgraded founder’s packs If they were to come back out on sale. The founder’s weapons need to be buffed to where it is comparable to other guns that players would use, without these changes there would be no point to upgrade, all the founder’s heroes are in the base game (For good reason), and most of the weapons are TRASH.


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