Four things to remember when you have a Constructor on the team.

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I absolutely love Constructors. As a Heavy/Power Base main myself, I feel like it is somewhat of a misunderstood job.

It is only when you start using a constructor that you understand why there are four classes and what their roles are on the team: Outlander to provide mats for base and traps, Constructor to build and trap, Soldiers to single-target the big threats, and Ninjas to melee and AOE the close husks.

Here are some important tips for when you have a constructor on the team:

1.Recycling BASE: Ask before taking mats from the BASE. I'm surprised Epic still hasn't made it so that BASE recycled mats have permissions like Storm Shield console. Too many people take without asking and don't even help build it.

2.Propanes and smashers: Target the fu*king propanes when they're away. That, and Smashers are your only job. A well trapped base should take care of everything else. I build this huge base with tons of traps basically meant for light-playing the whole thing and you want to target the laser and tiny husks at first while the propanes blow everything up, why? PSA: Don't Dragon slash or frag grenade the trap tunnels.


3.Save Resources or Communicate Likewise: You'll save a lot of resources if you lend either mats for traps or help with your own traps, compared to spending 600-700 bullets per game. If you don't want the constructor to build a fort full of traps, at least tell them that you want to engage in combat yourself, and save them the resources and time. It's pretty disheartening to end a long match and see your traps at 26/28 times used.

4.Let the husks in: If it's a constructor with electrified floors, or exploding BASE, at least let the husks come inside the region affected by BASE before killing them. Again, saving you a lot of resources because of the BASE explosion and electrified floors. Once the husks are in the BASE region, you can use your AOE abilities to kill them if you still have the itch to fight.

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