Fragments need help, a wonky system.

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Hey all, there have been several threads recently discussing the fragment system. With the end of the 'infinite fragment' bug the community's frustration with this system has spiked. Suggestions for fragment generation on all outlanders based on kills, time, and other conditions or increased numbers of fragments on the map are some of the popular ideas. Even the elimination of fragments on the map in favor of other sources is talked about.

Fragments provide a buff or bonus to powerful abilities. This extra power fragments provide comes in a limited supply generally speaking, and I believe for good reason. They are part of balance. Our current meta is a good example. Higher level areas have a disproportionate number of outlanders. Particularly the Teddy varieties.

The frustration around fragments arises with the fact that they are limited in number and often unavailable when most needed. Typical missions involve 4-8 minutes of defending an objective. This is when fragments are desired. Consumption of fragments will generally coincide with the start of the defense (or destruction of encampments), and most players will try to conserve fragments prior to this point. The need for fragments increases towards the end of this period as propanes, smashers, and the late to spawn miniboss have done their thing to the defenses. At this point fragments are likely used up and players rightly feel frustration at this system that provides inadequate numbers of this resource. We are left without during our time of need.


The real issue is the lack of player control over this resource. Simply allowing players to choose to use fragments or not goes a long way to resolving this issue. No more do players have to withhold their teddies or shock towers prior to the defence phase. No longer would they feel frustration at the lack of fragments when the miniboss comes around.

Outlanders are on average very powerful right now. It wouldn't be unfair to say, that for their ease of use and low persistent resource consumption, they outclass the majority of other heroes. They don't need access to more fragments to be good heroes. They need control over fragments to ease the frustration caused by this system.

A possible way to implement this on the player's end is to hold down the button/hotkey for x amount of time to activate an ability with a fragment. Works for consoles and is acceptable for keyboard and mouse.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think.

Tldr: Fragments are big bonuses, but a limited resource. Players have no control over their consumption. They become frustrated not having this power when they need it, and so want more fragments. Give players the option to use, or not, fragments. Then power creep to this powerful class by the addition of more fragments may be avoided.

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