From time to time, please take a step back and realize how generous Epic is being in recent times.

Fortnite home fn battle royale 1268x717 cf9fa8a783c249aa8d6929126e29f5f190620357 1024x579 - From time to time, please take a step back and realize how generous Epic is being in recent times.

These may be unpopular opinions, but please hear me out.

I feel like what is happening now isn't good for the wellbeing of the game in the long run. Due to the sale, a lot of new players are joining us. Which is awesome, welcome! I hope you will all find as much enjoyment in this game as I have. However, pairing this sale up with the birthday event seems like a big mistake. A whole new load of players their first experience with the game will be loads of free legendary stuff from both Birthday Llamas and Smorgasbrod llamas. I'm sure some are probably even overwhelmed by it. Which is understandable, because this isn't normal. Epic has been EXTREMELY generous so far, while it is already so much easier to get nice things. Yet there are still complaints for more and more. I can only wonder how that will evolve once this generous event ends.

I think a lot of this generosity can be traced back to Battle Royale. While you could argue that at one point BR was the only thing that kept this game alive, nowadays it makes so much money Epic doesn't care much anymore about spoiling STW rotten with goodies. The event shop, perk recombobulator, weapon and evolution material caches, being able to get evolution materials back upon recycles (and just the huge buff in how fast you can get these evolution materials), Flux, being able to research items right out of the collection book,… all of these things make it so easy to get good weapons and heroes and progress in the game. And the big thing is, for this new generation all of this will be taken for granted, because they've never known it to be different.

When I started, I played almost all of stonewood, plankerton and canny valley using almost exclusively my Ranger (fire) and Dam buster (nature) because they were legit the only weapons I liked during that time that had good perk rolls. (while still being inferior to anything you can make now) Everything else had atleast 2-3 useless perks. I'm not saying this to urge you to 'man up', rather to please realize how good you all have it right now. If you get a Super Shredder, you can reperk it easily to make it perfect. I had to get 5 Super Shredder schematics before I even got one that was 'acceptable'. (read: 1 bad perk and one semi bad perk)

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Now, there's nothing wrong with wanting the game to be better! I have always had fun because I like the core concept of the game, but the amount of frustration I've felt here has been enormous too. Most of those sources of frustration when it comes to game design are gone, but not all of them. Which is fine to me! At the end of the day Fortnite is a game about grinding. It shouldn't all be pure convenience. (Now if only the sources of frustration when it comes to other players were in Epic's capabilities to easily solve, amirite?)

As a last point: The recent troubles with birthday llamas. I can't say I was happy when these happened, but to put them into perspective: the only reason we even realized things were off was because of Epic's communication about this. The communication wasn't flawless, which lead to part of the outrage, but if it wasnt there none of us wouldve been mad at getting dupes, because we simply wouldnt have known we weren't supposed to get them (up to an extent) Same with the Hydra: if Magyst wouldn't have been awesome enough to compile a list of everything in there, we wouldn't have known it was even supposed to be in there. And now we just get it thrown in our lap due to that mistake basically.

To close this rambling I'd like to address Epic: Please always keep the health of the game in mind. You can't keep handing out more and more just because people ask for more and more. It's reddit, there won't be a point at which we are, as a collective, entirely sated.

TL;DR: Please enjoy the game for what it is. If you only look back every now and then it may be surprising just howmuch we have gotten in the recent past.

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