Frostbite needs a rework to make it more unique & standout among the other event weapons

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Frostbite needs a rework to make it more unique & standout among the other event weapons

Right now, it's essentially just a Water-locked Scoped Dragonfly with the possibility of making it into a pseudo-Tsunami with the 5th perk being able to have Increased Impact.

I suggest these changes to make it more appealing to use & have another unique weapon like the Ghost Pistol, Vacuum Tube Sniper, & Vindertech Disintegrator.

  • Change ammo type from Medium Ammo to Heavy Ammo
  • Change Magazine Size from 10 to 5
  • Increase Impact from 150 to 500
  • Change 6th perk to a new unique one; Every Shot landed with the weapon applies a 30% Slow for 6s & when the impact threshold is reached, Freeze the target in place for a short time, making them more Vulnerable to damage.

This would essentially change the weapon to behave like a ranged Floor Freeze Trap, being able to freeze husks & mist monsters in place while also increasing the damage they take while frozen. This would make a great versatile tool to use, for both Players & Defenders alike & create a new unique weapon to experiment with. The weapon would still be locked to Water damage, but with the new changes, I feel like it's alright; Dragon's Roar demonstrates that even though it's locked to Fire, it's still a very useful & popular weapon to use.


The weapon would fire & feel like a One-Shot with the appearance of a reskinned Scoped Dragonfly, minus the ability to pierce through multiple enemies. When the Impact threshold is met with the weapon, instead of causing a stagger like most weapons, the enemy will instead Freeze like on a Floor Freeze Trap for 3s & gain the Vulnerability debuff the trap provides at a lesser degree(I'm not sure how much Vulnerability Floor Freeze Traps apply to frozen enemies, but the weapon would have less than the trap to balance them out).


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