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I've been playing a lot of Frostnite lately, and thinking about ideal squad compositions. Because I play almost entirely solo and haven't been able to test anything, I'm just going off of what I've seen work well, for myself and squad-comp wise. Rather than going into specifics about base strategy, we'll just assume that trap tunnels are being created in the right places, and either built or upgraded entirely or mostly by the Constructor for material efficiency while the Outlander(s) feed them materials.

Here's my two ideas for Frostnite Dream Teams:

– Heavy Base

– Dire

– Reclaimer (shamrock or fragment flurry)

– Ranger

First week or so playing I was running reclaimer exclusively, wrecking waves with consistent teddy and turret placement interspersed with steady shock towers for mobs. Reclaimers can put out an amount of damage that's sometimes even annoying in regular missions as they'll hog all the kills and make bases useless, but in Frostnite they're amazing and much needed for later waves. Any dream team should have one, I think.

Lately I've been having good success running Ranger Beetlejess (with ranger deadeye support slot) though, and having a blast. Phase shift allows for more efficient material and bluglow farming, and with all her pistol perks I kill smashers insanely quickly with my Last Word. A lot of matches I'll end up on (unofficial) dedicated smasher/mist monster duty, phasing around the fight assassinating any smasher quickly to not only save the from possible smashes but to just allow the team to focus on other things, and not waste 20 seconds fighting a smasher with comparatively mediocre weapon damage.


Heavy Base because a Constructor is essential for material efficiency in building and upgrading structures and the damage resistance granted by BASE for saving builds from smashers and propane husks, and Heavy's mega-BASE and overclocked traps help a lot with later waves. Alternatively, Machinist because although she lacks mega-BASE, her Supercharged Traps are amazing, especially for late game clear and getting through the more difficult waves like the Taker and Smasher-heavy ones.

Dire because he can farm bluglow and chests like an absolute demon, and is mobile enough to survive the most intense situations in the later waves while still being able to add bluglow as needed. I've seen many a Dire clutch late-game waves by just bouncing around, avoiding all the mist monster attacks, and keeping the furnace alive.

Alternate version:

– A mega-base constructor (placing the BASE centrally)

– Machinist (placing BASE per wave on the side expected to get hit the hardest)

– Reclaimer (teddy+shock OP, and at least one Outlander is needed for material farming)

– Either Dire or Ranger (bluglow speed-farming and using mobility to survive if others fall)

My third idea would be just:

– Constructor (cuz)

– Reclaimer (OP)

– Reclaimer (OP X 2?!??)

– Ranger/Dire (bluglow farming, clutch survival)

What's your Frostnite dream team, or team composition idea(s)?

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