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Frostnite is relatively easy to beat, but only with a lot of teamwork and cooperation. I have more than a dozen Frostnite 128 wins so far this 2020 season, all of which have been in private lobbies. Public lobbies are very, very difficult, because people don't communicate, don't follow standard roles, and don't cooperate well. If you are in a public lobby, here are some guidelines that can help everyone work together as a team.

In general, there are two principal team roles, and several supporting roles, in Frostnite. A good team will have at least one builder and one farmer, but the other roles are flexible.

  • Builder(s). Your job is to design and build everything, place and repair your B.A.S.E., build out the trap tunnels or courtyards and lobber shield (if your design uses one), craft and place (and replace) traps, upgrade and repair structures, and (usually) keep the burner filled with blu-glo. You may occasionally find yourself doing a little farming too. You should be a Constructor (or Ninja if you are supporting another builder), and good heroes are Base Kyle, Ice King, and Power Base Knox.
  • Farmers. Your job is to farm everything you can find, recycle the weapons and traps, and drop ALL your mats back to the builder(s) on a regular basis (every 1-2 waves, less frequently as needed in the later waves). ALL means wood, brick, metal, all your trap crafting mats, and most of your weapon crafting mats except those you need to craft your weapons. You should never do any building yourself – don't place any traps or structures, in case they get in the way of the builder(s) design. You should be an Outlander, and good heroes are Archeolojess, Cassie Clip, and Fossil Southie.
  • Damage heroes. The most useful is Zenith, to freeze smashers using a crankshot or vacuum tube rifle. Stoneheart Farrah can also be useful for crowd clearing with a xenon bow. I'm sure there are many other heroes that could work too. Your role will be important mostly in the later waves, so in the earlier waves, help out with farming, and don't get in the way of the builders by placing traps.

Guidelines for Everyone

  • Recycle your traps. Random traps you receive at the start, from supply drops, chests, etc., aren't legendary, aren't 130s, have random rolls, and generally are only useful for the crafting mats they contain. Never place these traps anywhere. Once you put a trap down, that spot is taken until the trap runs out of durability or is destroyed by a husk (or another frustrated teammate). It can take a minute or more to destroy a misplaced trap. Recycle those traps and drop the mats.
  • Don't fill the burner until it reaches 22%. The Blu-glo supply drops only spawn every other wave that the burner goes below 25%; fill at 22% to be safe. Equally, avoid filling the burner all the way to 100%, since that wastes Blu-Glo (if you fill beyond 100%) and the burner uses Blu-Glo more quickly when it is close to full.
  • Establish a loot drop point. The farmers should know where to drop the loot, and the builders should know where to find it. It should be easy to get to, and hard to accidentally run through.
  • Don't pick up or run through loot piles if you're not one of the builders. It wastes time because you need to drop everything all over again.
  • Do run slow field. Banner or supply drop can be useful too, but slow field is very useful, and absolutely essential for e.g. waves 14 and 17 (smashers and minibosses). If a teammate has already placed a slow field in an area, don't waste yours by placing yours on top – place it somewhere else, or wait for your teammate's to time out.
  • Don't go AFK. Your teammates are putting their time and energy into the mission, and losing one teammate without warning can be fatal to the mission.

Guidelines for Farmers

  • Drop all your mats at the start. That means everything. Keep only your weapons. Ideally you will do this before the force field goes down.
  • Drop all your mats back at base every 1-2 waves. Don't hoard your mats. Don't go and farm for 10 waves then come back fully loaded. Remember that the builder needs more materials at the start while getting the base set up, so make more frequent drops at the beginning of the game.
  • Help clear the area around the burner. In particular, the barn can get in the way, and it's usually a good idea to destroy it as soon as possible.
  • Don't place any traps. That's the builder's job. If you place traps and screw up the builder's design, he or she may get frustrated and leave the mission. There's nothing worse than having planned out a trap tunnel with gas traps at the start and ceiling zappers at the end, then finding you can't place them because someone else has already put ceiling zappers at the start and gas traps at the end instead. It can take a minute or more to destroy a misplaced trap.
  • Don't upgrade structures unless asked to. By wave 4 or 5 it can be very useful for a farmer to help out upgrading e.g. the lobber shield, but until the main base is built out, the builder(s) need all of your metal and brick to fill out the main design. A builder with no mats cannot build. The builder decides what needs to be upgraded and when.
  • Don't place random ramps in the area around the burner. Yes, you got that Blu-Glo on top of the water tower, but now the builder will have to spend 30 seconds pickaxing your ramp which allows the husks to get onto the second level.
  • Pick up of all the supply drops. They contain all kinds of crafting materials, and some will contain Blu-Glo.
  • Don't try to be the builder. If you joined the game in a public lobby as an Outlander, or even a Ninja, and there's a Constructor in the game, let the Constructor do the building. The Constructor cannot farm efficiently – YOU can. The only useful thing the Constructor can do is build, and you don't want to be making his or her life difficult by building on top of or obstructing his design.
  • Do use your anti-material charge. Farming is what it's meant for.
  • Do search things before you destroy them. Contrary to popular belief, unlike in BR, you don't automatically receive the searchable contents of something when you destroy it in STW.
  • Focus your farming on what the builder needs. Most builds rely heavily on either floor launchers, tar pits, or freeze traps, all of which require rough ore, so break a lot of rocks. Most builds also need a lot of metal, so break cars, metal deposits, and appliances. Many use gas traps, which need bacon, so search fridges, meat cans, and the corn field which sometimes spawns to the West. Sunbeam and bright-core will also be useful until everyone has the weapons they need.
  • Recycle your weapons. Quartz is in short supply and comes mostly from weapons.
  • Don't hoard the Blu-Glo. Most of the team's Blu-Glo should be held close to the base. Since the builders are usually the only ones who are there most of the time, the builders should hold most of the Blu-Glo. However, do keep a few on your person in case of emergencies, you don't want to be the last man standing with no Blu-Glo and the burner out of fuel.

Guidelines for Builders

  • Don't forget to place your B.A.S.E. If you are running recycling, the earlier you place it, the more mats you will get from it in the first few waves.
  • Do establish a loot drop point. If everyone knows where to drop loot, and how to get there, your life will be easier. A simple loot marker works well.
  • Watch the burner. At many points in the game you will be the only person on base, so you will need to watch the burner closely and fill it when it gets down to 22%.
  • Do use the text chat to give instructions. If you need the lobber shield upgraded by the farmers, just ask.
  • Do use an easy to understand, rotationally symmetric design. Navigating other people's builds can be difficult, so if possible make the four sides as similar to each other as you can.
  • Avoid tire drop traps. Yes, they are popular, but they cause the game to lag badly, which can be very dangerous during the later waves. Ceiling electric fields placed 2 tiles up are a good alternative, or just plain gas traps.

Guidelines for Damage Heroes

  • Help with the minibosses. This requires skill: (1) get the miniboss to focus on you by shooting at it, (2) lead the miniboss off the edge of the map without getting killed or falling off yourself. If the miniboss is already focused on another player who is leading it away from the burner, don't shoot at it yourself, you are not helping but just distracting the miniboss. If the miniboss is following you, do not under any circumstances go near the burner or in any trap tunnels. If it is following you, don't get too far away or it will lose interest – but don't get too close that it can touch you, either. An easy way to lead the miniboss off the map is to build a wooden platform off the edge, 4 tiles wide, with a 2-tile wide hole (2×1) in the middle. Stand on the end of the platform and lure the miniboss onto it. Get it to charge at you (it will need a clear path to you to start charging, so stand on one side of the hole), then as it is charging move to the middle of the platform so the miniboss falls in as it curves towards you. Be careful not to build too far off the edge because there is an invisible barrier that will kill you instantly if you touch it. This is all much easier as a ninja – you can just stand at the edge, wait for it to charge at you, then double jump over it so it falls off the edge behind you.
  • Help with the smashers. Be familiar with which waves are smasher waves (see the reference sheet below) and make sure you are close enough to the base to help when they spawn. Listen carefully for smasher sounds. Put down your slow field (closer to the burner is better, since that is where the smashers will eventually charge), and help kill them with a potshot, Wrath, xenon bow, etc. If you are Zenith, freeze those smashers as early as you can after they spawn, if possible before they reach the trap tunnels, then keep them frozen for as much of the time as you can.
  • Be flexible. Between waves, you might find yourself without much to do. If the builder needs mats, go help the farmers. If he or she needs help filling out the lobber shield, do just that – but be careful not to screw up the design, so wait for instructions or until it is very clear what is being built.

Of course these are just guidelines and improvisation may be necessary, especially in public lobbies; for example, if the Constructor is not doing his or her job and is just farming and not building, someone else will need to take over the building, or if there is only one Outlander and he or she is just killing Krampuses and not farming, everyone else will need to do some farming to make up the shortfall.

I hope this is useful to the community. If you have more tips, feel free to comment below and I will incorporate them.

Wave quick reference sheet:
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