Frostnite – Great Fun, but 45+ Survival returns less XP/gold than a same level Radar Grid?

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Frostnite - Great Fun, but 45+ Survival returns less XP/gold than a same level Radar Grid?

First off – I really am enjoying Frostnite, and it really gets challenging and fun quickly. Looking forward to playing lots of it the next month and seeing how it goes.

But we gotta talk about the normal rewards you get from a fairly successful run, say a slightly over 45 survival minutes on a lvl100 run. I got the following rewards for a game where we made it past the 45 minute mark to compare, and we'll compare it to the lowest/highest reward missions for the same level. Not sure if build times count on timer for Frostnite matches, so if they don't that would increase the time by a lot. The current rewards are just way way too low for XP and gold.

Mission Type Estimated Time XP Gold Tickets Other bonus
Frostnite – 100 PL 50 13k 115 350 2 Rare, 1 Epic Transforms
Radar Grid 100 20 (15 AFK) 35k 128 120 80 Leg PU
Cat4 100 20 75k 250 (boosted) 120 80 Leg PU
Cat4 100 4P 20 150k 180 Legendary Survivor


So you can run the other missions more than twice in the same amount of time, and honestly Frostnite is a lot harder (which is good IMO). But you get slightly more tickets for less than 10% of the XP, 30% of the gold, and much less bonus stuff of 2.5 easy Build the Radar Grid. Compare it to Cat4s or 4P Cat4s, and things just get much much worse.

For Frostnite, the chests scale so you get better rewards based on how many waves you beat. So the longer you play, the more you get. Since we know about how long you've been playing if you beat X waves, it really should at least give enough XP and gold IMO to get you up to approaching the wages from beating same level Radar Grids for that much time. So instead of 13k XP and 115 gold, for every hour in lvl 100 you get 105k XP and 390 gold, which is 2k XP and 6 gold per minute.

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