Frostnite tips for outlanders tha may help you.

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Frostnite tips for outlanders tha may help you.

PL 100 with some experience and ideas I want to pass on to the outlanders that shine in frostnite. As a constructor main (all rounder skill set) I love having a outlander on the team that goes on a recon mission to get everything there is on the map and drop me what I need to build. This is majorly highlighted when it comes to "Burn Bright". I wanted to try the outlanders role in Burn Bright and found two very useful strategies you can use to prosper. Gadget teleporter is your new best friend (if it wasn't already). With a decently upgraded teleporter you can set it at the defense and move it to a location you want to start doing quick "BNE's" (breaking and enterings) then quickly return to drop EVERYTHING you have at a spot you'll name "loot" or something indicating a hot spot for resources. The constructors potential depends on how fast YOU can collect and drop resources as waves start too fast for constructors to farm anything worth while for a proper defense. Using the teleporter will get you to point A and B during this entire session. That's right. . ENTIRE session. Your role has become the fuel to getting yourself and the team the "W". Trust in your three team mates to hold down the forte as they put trust in you to keep bringing in resources asap. Assume the rest of your team mates are on subclasses that lack the speed that you do (soldiers and constructors; Subclasses I've seen mostly of in frostnite) Once you're done looting an area, move the teleporter to another zone and do it again. Drop bluglo for the team if you find it, HOWEVER, keep some on hand just in case your team gets wiped while you're zipping into areas. That way you can use stalling tactics by inserting bluglo and putting up some quick walls to shield the objective. When putting up walls DO NOT USE neutral walls. Use walls with a door; husk are too dumb to use the door so take advantage. Why? Because locking yourself inside with the objective benefits the husk more than it does you. There will be bees possibly everywhere and most horrifically takers phasing through with a huge grin on their face before it's lights out. Putting up neutral walls THEN editing a door will get you killed. Time is everything. There is one outlander that really shines in this task, in this crazy support role. . SANGUINE DUSK. Sanguine Dusk's phase siphon can steal health from enemies and fully heal or at least continue to save herself from near death experiences. When you're last alive or simply are hurt you can use this to your advantage and go through the waves of enemies heading towards the objectives and save yourself from what feels like instant kill blasters. I'll upload a video showing this which will include the teams surprised reactions during the session towards the tips I gave above. Keep in mind Sanguine Dusk was at three stars at the time of the video against lvl 125's. I was experimenting with builds so that'swhy I didn't invest much in her level. . Until after that session. This is just an FYI for those possible few that will bash me for going in with a three star. (once I figure out how to upload a video I'll do that. . Help would be greatly appreciated here!). Last tip is to make sure you are facing downward when destroying llama fragments for easier critical hits. The blue circle will barely move and you'll have an easier time destroying it. I'll also include visual screenshots of what I explained. Outlanders, some of your classes normally get lit on fire when you're seen in sessions. . . But in frostnite?. . The title Burning Bright? Is meant for YOU! <– lame? Ok, ok I'll see my way out.

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TLDR: Outlander mains are suggested to use Sanguine Dusk and her kit for easier survival (If you don't have her then any other farming class will do fine too) A teleporter for faster traveling and a door defense for objective when last alive to help stall.

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