Frustrating and Disappointing Player Base, but I think it’s partly Epic’s fault

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Earlier today (and this evening) I was playing a bit of STW, as I do on Thursday's. Now maybe I'm a bit of an grey-haired curmudgeon, but some of the people I grouped with made the missions frustrating.

One group did nothing but trade, didn't work on the objective at all. I did ask them to focus on the objective first, mentioned how FORT stats are more important than gun Plvl, etc etc, but nothing. Two left, after doing their trades and one of them kept trying to trap me in a trade box, drop Malachite, and trade with me, I finally got annoyed enough to flip down the mic and say "I don't trade". He then left…and this was a survivor mission with 6+1 survivors rescued. All he had to do was stay and he'd have got the rewards.

Then came another group of pre-pubescents by my guess where they spent some time trading but did contribute to objectives. They then asked if I was in Twine (which I'm not) and I responded "Don't even ask for a Taxi". I said that because EVERY time some young player asks that, they want a Taxi.

Well that ticked one of them off, and he used very offensive homophobic and misogynist language. And said that even though I was higher level they didn't need my help. But basically I did most of the work in the mission. One of them did point out to the one cursing that I was an OG player, pointing out my banner and the fact I was running Beetlejess.

And then there was a Van mission, where basically I had to do EVERYTHING. Shoot, trap, build, and head around to the other side and defend it because THEY didn't put down any traps.

Or the Encampments with the farming plvl18 Ninja. It was just us two so I didn't expect us to do all the super-encampments or anything just the standard ones, and maybe one super, then he could farm. I did the first two solo, and waited for him at the third, But the guy ignored encampments even after I asked him to focus on the encampments. I said to him, at about 5 minutes left "It's too late now, we are going to fail the mission because you ignored the objectives" At about 2 minutes, he showed up at an inactive encampment and said "come here". I basically had a "what the…" moment. and said: "Don't you know that active encampments are the ones with the pillar of light?"

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And there's the players rushing through the game so they're underleveled even in Plank. 15's in 19 missions. 15's and 20's in 28's. Thinking their 130 Seegebraker will give them "Awsum Powa". Which it doesn't.


From what I see we have, players who really don't know how the game works! I've seen Raven's and Rangers with "Scars", people not marking fragments, people looting llama's instead of hitting them. People who don't know that FORT stats are the important thing, not gun plvl and how using some plvl 130 or 106 Scar/Grave/whatever in Plank is a waste. People who can't even rescue survivors and who spray entire clips from their Siegebreaker/Nocturno at husks. Players who prioritize the Storm Chest over objectives. Players who think the game is about Trading for high plvl guns. Players who basically suck up EVERYTHING the llama drops, because they don't seem to do any harvesting of their own…not even crafting ammo.

And these players I'm talking about, they're almost all under 13. They shouldn't even BE playing. But play they do and they seem to be a bunch of wannabe cursing homophobic racist edgelords with no concept of sportsmanship or civility. They treat STW as "just" a source of v-bucks (since of course they don't have payment info themselves and can't get the parents to pay for PSN cards/V-bucks ALL the time.) They don't understand the MMO-ish/RPG-ish mechanics because they come to STW from the-other-mode and other shooters that they really shouldn't be playing.

And it's Epic's fault! They created a game with Pixar aesthetics so it passes the "mom glances at game" test, even though the mechanics are really too complex for young kids to understand. It's not like these kids play tabletop D&D. And worse, the-other-mode was inspired by a R-rated movie. I mean sure, you get teleported out at 0 health, but it's still Battle Royale!

Yeah, I understand that young kids want to be cool like the older kids playing PUBG, but Epic really doesn't want the bad publicity that could happen from ignorant kids playing this game in the way they do.

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Personally, I think they need to be VERY explicit in the loading screens: "STW is a complex sandbox/defense/MMO/RPG/shooter/thing…the mechanics are too complex for young kids, and so you parents need to do some actual parenting and not let your kids play this game…or the-other-mode either. No matter how much they beg they should NOT be playing.

Note that I'm fine with high-school age people playing, as long as they're civil, play properly without being one of those "Trade my base press 123" people, and don't act like wannabe edgelords using "street" language or various other things they shouldn't be saying.

STW also needs some serious revamping of tutorials to properly explain the mechanics and how the game is meant to be played, because as it is now…the early game is failing to teach this.

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