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10/2017 – I bought the Limited edition founder's pack from sale and played it for about few missions per day, exploring and discovering all the things that make the world of Fortnite. (Didn't play BR, and still won't). Couple weeks later I purchased Ultimate Upgrade.

Fortnitemares, Vindertech, Survive the Holidays, Mutant Storm, Spring It On!, Into the Storm, Blockbuster, Road Trip; these are the events I have participated so far.

Since the introduction of Event Gold I have been able to acquire heroes, defenders, survivors, traps and weapons much faster, filling up my personal armory and collection. Thanks to the improvements to amount and ways to earn said Gold, these days earning Event Gold is much easier than how it was during Survive the Holidays. Daily Coin system is OK but could have more than just choice between weapon and trap (doing all daily quests in single week grants player 700 coins, price tag set on both weapon and trap).

Thanks to birthday event I now also have weapons and heroes I desired for from Scavenger event, and also the rest of what I missed during all the events I participated in. This certain Birthday Llama is probably best llama so far when compared to rest.

With the reduction to price tags of llamas bought with v-bucks came the compensation to all users who bought said llamas prior to the update (happened right at the same time when Blockbuster event started). Before and after said compensation Epic Games have given us both good and bad. Internally unexpected backlash from 3.2 was the worst, but I'd say everything after that has shown us they are willing to change and improve.

Buffs and Nerfs here and there, completely changed mechanics and perks. I'd say overall the changes have been quite positive, and I don't see any problems with how problems are handled in current state of the game when it comes to formerly mentioned subjects of change. ATM only true problem when it comes to gameplay is Server stability and desync issues.

What have I acquired from all llamas so far? Almost everything. Only hero missing from non-event llamas is Phase Scout Jess. I am pretty sure I also have almost all weapons ? all traps for sure.


My favorite event of all time… I don't think there is true favorite, but one I loved the most was Fortnitemares. Storytelling, Biome, Enemies, Overall offered content; it all was nailed perfectly. TBH at that time I had only played couple weeks, but it was extremely fun nonetheless. And event I disliked the most was Spring It On!, sorry firework jumpers; it was extremely tedious to run around for tickets, that is all c:

Before the "T * * * * Apocalypse" playerbase used to just ask for Stormshield and mission help in Global Chat, Founder's Chat was rarely used, even by me. Resources and weapons were shared much more freely because players didn't rely on unofficial methods to acquire loot or weapons to use. Nowdays it is probably second worst problem to deal with, and it affects health of whole playerbase. First steps have been taken but I am pretty sure we might see something soon. For the time being I have disabled Global Chat entirely and stick with Founder's Chat. Reasons being that the extreme spam in Global Chat also causes game to have severe hiccups if it is not disabled. I recommend disabling Global Chat for now if you have any problems with it.

From my in-game username; BASE M.D. Henna, certain players/users can probably guess I fanatically love Blitzen BASE Kyle's perk BASE M.D. Before playing Save the World I had spent almost 5000 hours in Team Fortress 2 and of course, playing The Medic. I also actively play Warframe, so second grindy game like StW is pretty much easy to me personally. Through the time before 5.0 the healing was at most best for defenders. Update 5.0 tho brought immense amount of buffs to everything, especially healing perks, items and gadgets. But sadly it broke BASE M.D. to heal half of what it used to, and only 1/4 of buffed value, after which I wrote GIANT long bug report/PSA to both forums and subreddit. Gladly it was fixed in 5.1, and now the healing can be very useful to heroes.

My overall opinion from all the experiences is that it has been fun way to spend my time, and still is. Tho for now I have to stick to maxing out the survivor squad before everything else ? thats gonna be a soft pain to deal with. I am looking forward to future events, changes, and additions to main questline so I can truly complete the game's actual questline and enjoy it to the fullest. Also… ARE YOU A BEAR? I AM A BEAR!

Feel free to ask anything, and don't forget to thank Constructors for their hard work c:

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