Game stability on Console is terrible yet Epic wont acknowledge it…

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - Game stability on Console is terrible yet Epic wont acknowledge it...

Ever since they introduced the perk recombob the stability on console has been horrible.

Youve seen it by now, bunch of posts. Game crashing near end of the mission and people not receiving rewards, and most of all the horrible husk delay ingame (husks teleporting, damage not applying as they are shot causing people to shoot/attack for much longer and dying for no reason because they cant visually see husks but are getting attacked because of the lag. Yet and none of these posts epic has said they are looking into it. They never make it past a few hundred upvotes because not everyone is affected by it and those unaffected will (obviously) not care. But it has been such a problem i just have stopped playing alot. The grind was real but ever since 4.2 i play maybe a few matches a week because its so frustrating. The husk lag is just terrible. I can deal with the disconnects because i can make it back ingame sometimes and not lose rewards but playing these incredible delayed matches is just horrible. Its not our connections either. I can play BR smoothly. Do a raid in destiny with 0 hints of lag. Play warframe or elder scrolls online and its just fine. But i join a match on STW and its just terrible. Please epic. Ive made a post about this twice already, 3 now. Crashing started in 4.0, delay/lag in 4.2. I spent two weeks inbetween each post hoping something would be said, somethinf would be done… nothing. Not acknowledged, not in the roadmap.


Another thing that isnt so bad but is annoying is the chat screen on PS4. It constantly goes away when youre trying to type. Its such a troll lol.

On the bright side they've acknowledged melee, that was my other big gripe. So thank you for that.

Heres a perfect explanation. Front page post that was ignored:

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