Getting away from Epic is more satisfying than breaking up with someone you can’t stand anymore.

index - Getting away from Epic is more satisfying than breaking up with someone you can't stand anymore.

Let me first start by saying that I absolutely loved Fortnite. It started great. But just like any long term relationship, after a while, the glamor fell off, and all that was left were the glaring flaws and the realization that nothing would ever be done about them. Simply because, they don't care.

I am honestly curious as to how people can even find enjoyment in the current state of the game. As a PS4 player, I am completely blown away by the inability of this company to figure out how to connect 4 players to a map (let alone having it run smoothly.) This fact was driven home as I'm playing FFXIV in a battleground with literally 100 people on my screen, spell effects in HD going off all around me… And not a single hitch of lag or delay. All over a shitty 10mbps Comcast connection.

Let's say Santa and the Easter Bunny are real, and while we're dreaming, Epic manages to stabilize the connectivity. Then we can all get back to carrying the lv40s who think that because they have a pl106 gun they can do 100+ content and threaten to throw the map if you complain.


What I'm trying to say is, quitting Fortnite has been the best gaming experience all year. You really don't realize how bad a state a game is in (and how much stress you are in because of it) until you just step away.

Please God step away. It's good for your health. I wish things like "we'll show them by all quitting!" actually happened, but let's face it, it never will. But don't forget that there are much, much better games available made by much, much better companies that actually care about their player base.

Anyways, goodbye. It was fun while it lasted, but someone pooped in the pool and it seems like nobody is going to clean it. So I'm out.

Obligatory RIP Paragon, shoulda seen it coming. GDI Epic how many amazing games are you going to destroy before you're happy?!

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