Getting REALLY tired of all this.

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Getting REALLY tired of all this.

TLDR: Getting tired of all the bugs, they're ruining the game and I don't think Epic/developers care.

I know it's not Sunday, but I don't care. And I know a few of these have been posted about before, but I don't care. Ever since the 12.00 update, it’s been getting harder and harder to actually enjoy playing the game.

I’ve ran into issues harvesting:

I’ve had problems with husks phasing through my structures (Mini-Bosses are the WORST):

Most are frustrating, like the whole lobber problem, which is wrecking the experience:

Or “hiding” a Repair-Bot and making it harder to complete missions:

And now, they’ve made Constructors almost useless thanks to screwing the B.A.S.E. abilities:

I’ve even experienced missions where before I would get mid 20K to low 30k points, where now I barely break 10k:


And of course, there are more bugs that I have yet to experience (e.g., Endurance crashes, inventory wipes, etc.). I’ve been patient and (relatively) understanding about the game’s issues and how the lack of support may not be the developer’s fault (read: Epic’s higher-ups), but it’s starting to wear thin.

But the thing that puts it over the top is Twine Peaks. After powering through Canny Valley where 51 out of 68 missions were “fetch quests” and making the game feel like an absolute grind, I get to Twine Peaks and there’s NOTHING. There’s no cut scene…no (real) mission list…there’s not even any voice lines. It’s just a huge letdown. “Do # of these types of missions”, over…and over…AND OVER.

And now, they’ve released the much-anticipated locker update, which is pointless in my opinion. I know some people are excited about it, but I couldn’t care less. They took something from the BR mode and implemented it on STW, instead of adding new content for the end game or fixing actual bugs that greatly impact game play.

I started playing STW back in October and its only taken about 4 months to grind me down, make me question how worthwhile this game mode is, and lose almost all faith that Epic and the developers will do anything to improve it.

I feel like I was sold a bill of goods when it comes to buying STW. The community (for the most part) is great, but our cries for support / communication / transparency fall on deaf ears. It seems like the developers don’t care, they got our money and BR has taken off…that’s all that matters.

Furthermore, because of how mission rewards are determined, this is more like a PvP instead of PvE, where you are competing against the other players to get the highest score so that you can get your “fair share” of the mission rewards. I get that this is to help deter AFK or leechers, but when someone that’s twice your power level just sucks up everything, it feels like it’s not worth playing public matches (among other reasons). Note: I’ve been on both ends of this scenario and it can be difficult to hold back and let the other players pull their own weight.

I really do enjoy the majority of the game, but it’s the remainder that can ruin it. I am disappointed with the situation as a whole, and I really don’t think it’s going to get any better. I want to yell, and name-call, and link Magyst and Davethebuck in this post, but I don’t think it would make a difference.

I want this game to improve and succeed, but I’m not holding my breath.

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