Getting the last 4 Big Banners!

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Getting the last 4 Big Banners!

Last 4 Challenge Banners

Greetings Commanders! After a long grind I finally managed to complete all of the banner challenges. It´s been a long ride, so I made a quick guide showing you some tips on how to get that platinum!

Talented Builder (500,000 structures)

You can do this challenge by playing normally, building a solid defense around the objective every time placing on average 150 structures.

If you want to rush this challenge you can go on any Homebase SSD area with 3 friends and start building like if there's no tomorrow! Structures placed by other players count for the challenge. You can recover the structure materials by breaking them, they still count. Just make sure to successfully complete a Wargames simulation or an SSD defense after you finish building.

Guardian Angel (10,000 survivors)

Probably the most tedious challenge of the 4. One easy way to clear this challenge is to constantly run Rescue the Survivors missions in Stonewood, since there are only 5 types of survivors, where 3 of each kind spawn around the map, giving 15 survivors total to rescue. You can easily save all 15 survivors with a group in less than 10 minutes and AFK the rest of the mission, just be careful with the idle timer.

Stonewood Rescue the Survivors missions have 3 NedKits, 3 Cars, 3 RV Campers, and survivors that spawn next to: shopping cart (3), camping tent (3).

In higher zones you can expect 8 types of survivors where typically 2 of each kind spawn, except the RV campers spawning 3, the other types are 2 MedBot survivors, 2 Relay Towers and some survivors that you need to look up in random places around the map, the “nobody is at home” ones.

Try not breaking shopping carts and tents before the survivor shows up or else it will not spawn.

I noticed that in the tropical zones, the (2) survivors that spawn next to shopping carts are missing.

This challenge can take a long time especially if you are not running Rescue the Survivors missions regularly, since normal missions do not have more than 5 survivors.

Be careful in higher Twine zones and bring some heavy ammo because husks can break RV´s and cars in seconds! For RV´s you can try building a support structure for the survivor and for cars you can throw a slow field as soon as the survivor asks for help. Both survivors are immune to husk attacks before their vehicle gets destroyed!

World Explorer (1,500 zones)

There are several ways you can go Lightning McQueen around the map:

Get a 3X speed The Barron, use Fleetfoot Ken and/or Dire heroes, activate the +10% movement team boost and you can also use a build with Phase Scout Jess (Phased and Confused), Flash A.C. (Phased Out) + (Phase Forward) team perk.

Try running Repair the shelter missions where is useful to explore the whole map.

You can easily combine this challenge with the other 3.


Plays Well with Others (1,000 missions)

Ah yes, the yOu wAnNA tRadE? x1000 Challenge

This is the most dreaded challenge of them all. You gotta have patience and courage for this one!

Personally, I like running the community lookout SSD assist and Wargames Assist missions since they count towards this challenge. It’s a nice way to grind seasonal tickets and gold. And you’ll definitely help another player get through their campaign. Try doing SSD assists around the time a new starter pack is released to get a higher chance of queuing into the first Stonewood SSD where there are less and faster husk waves.

If you are doing campaign quests you can select the PLAY NOW! option, it will queue you into a PWO type game.

One the fastest ways to clear this challenge is by doing custom power level 1- 3 PWO missions in Stonewood since you can only expect Fight the Storm Cat. 1, Ride The Lightning and tutorial missions that are dead simple to complete for experienced commanders. Just go with a Thunder Thora build and you are all set!

Granted you are going to find lots of people that only want to trade, most of which are scammers, so be careful. As soon as you load into the match find all the Bluglo needed to start the mission while you head to the objective, build a basic defense, place your B.A.S.E. and then ask to vote to start ASAP, the less players there are when you do this, the better. If you are lucky you will only need 1 vote (plus yours) to start if there are 2 or 3 players, but if there are 4 players you will need 2 votes. This can be a problem because often there will be people trading ignoring the vote option forcing you to wait around 4 minutes to start the mission without voting. You can try doing this challenge with 2 or 3 friends to avoid this issue. Remember, try doing your other challenges while you are here.

If Scamwood isn’t your thing, try doing PWO missions in Cany Valley where players are more motivated and helpful, keep in mind that PWO missions in these higher zones can take more time to complete than in Stonewood. Also, you can try Twine Peaks PWO , but there’s a chance you’ll end up in a MSK match if you see an anormal amount of Lynx Kassandras in the lobby, if you select a quick play match or a custom +140 mission option.

The grind for these banners is real and it takes a lot of time. I started playing STW 2 years ago and started focusing on these challenge banners 6 months ago. These are mostly challenges for endgame players.

Try doing some missions focusing on the banners quests aside from the missions you play regularly, invite some friends so they can also get the banners and be worthy of the glorious platinum! But most importantly… have fun!

Link of the full match: 4 banners at once!

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