Give Save the World Starter Pack + Twitch Prime Rewards

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Epic, the people are getting unruly. You’ve begun to ignore Save the World in focus of Battle Royale. I realize you will never see this or care to read it but if you stumble upon it, please consider this.

You had it right the first time. When you released the first Twitch Prime pack, Save the World players got their respective heroes and Battle Royale got their respective skins. But, when the second pack and skin came around, Save the World players were left behind. This was just the start of the soon to come ignoring of Save the World. The “Trailblazer” skin would have fit Save the World very well with a soldier feel, and it wouldn’t be hard to implement it as a reskin just to make the players feel included.

The same goes for starter packs. Starter packs are very Battle Royale focused, when you could easily make more money from Save the World players by making them include a hero. The first starter pack with Rogue Agent could fit the soldier type very well, as it looks very soldier like. The same goes for the second pack, with the Wingman. You could also made the Wingman an outlander. The most recent pack, with the Ace skin, would fit well as a ninja or outlander. They could just be reskins but it would make us Save the World players feel more included and make us want to buy it for the exclusive hero.

Finally, Battle Royale is getting other exclusive offers too. PlayStation got a new skin, Galaxy got a new skin, and 2FA got the Boogie Down Emote. Galaxy is not needed, as Save the World isn’t on Mobile, but it would be cool to get a Galaxy hero as a reskin for players who got the skin. It would be even cooler if we got a Save the World app we could log in and claim rewards and llamas on. PlayStation could get a new hero as a reskin. If you enable 2FA, you could get x4 Upgrade Llamas.

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What I propose you do is the following:

  • If you claimed Twitch Prime Pack #2, you will receive the Trailblazer Ramirez soldier!

  • If you purchased Starter Pack #1, you will receive the Rogue Agent Jonesy soldier!

  • If you purchased Starter Pack #2, you will receive the Wingman outlander!

  • If you purchased Starter Pack #3, you will receive the Ace ninja!

  • If you claimed PS Plus Pack #2, you will receive the Blue Striker Spitfire soldier!

  • If you claimed the Galaxy skin, you will receive the Galactic Hawk soldier!

  • If you enable 2FA you will receive x4 upgrade llamas!

I would also like to point out that these heroes could even be reskins of existing subclasses and that would be enough to make us players feel more included. Another way to make us feel more included would be to create an app where we can collect research points, purchase items, chat, and collect daily rewards on mobile and switch.

I understand that you guys are under a lot of heat and pressure lately, but I’m saying that this would be enough to make me happy again. You guys are doing good work right now.

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