Give the throwable items a new purpose

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As it stands, throwable items, such as the port-a-fort and the impulse grenades, do not get used that much if at all because there is no way to reliably find them, cant craft them, they do not persist after the mission has ended, and typically just take up inventory space during a mission while also not making much of a difference to the gameplay for some items.

My suggestion is to take some if not all of these items and re purpose them by either making them a part of a new/unique hero subclass, making them gadgets, or making them craftable items.

I believe there is a lot of potential for some new, interesting heroes with the use of some of these items. For instance, a soldier based around dealing affliction damage that also has their grenades replaced with gas grenades and the subclass could use a skin such as this or this. Another example would be a hero that utilizes impulse grenades as another movement option or to displace/knock off hordes of husks as suggested by u/CatstructorPenny. I've also seen a suggestion for a constructor that uses port-a-forts as a new skills but instead of its usual design, it would spawn a pyramid or a 2×2 box. There is a lot of potential for some new, interesting heroes by re-purposing the throwable items as skills.


These items could also be changed into potential gadget options. This would open up the usual loadouts to a more variety of choices (though I wish some gadgets would just be rebalanced). This would also give players a reliable way to acquire and use these items if they wish to do so.

The last suggestion to change them to craftable items, as suggested many times on this subreddit, would once again give a reliable way for players to acquire these items. They could even be turned into schematics and be leveled up to gain different attributes such as a port-a-fort that starts off with tier 3 wall upgrades or remote explosives with a wider radius and more damage.

I believe that any of these suggested changes could give the throwable items in this game a new purpose that players could reliably use. Instead of having them be items that players randomly find but are never looking for.

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