Give us a report system equal DotA 2.

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I think I'm a very, very lucky player, because it's extremely rare for me to get a troll/afk. Still, here's my suggestion (which is pretty much a copy of dota 2).

First of all, the stw playerbase is understandably pretty small. So this report system is something we should have as fast as possible, but it could be delayed until the game goes free to play. I think if it goes free to play with no actual report system like this, the game will be literally unplayable, at least up to plankerton, because of the trolls. Not because of the new players, but because actual trolls that'll come alogside.

It's extremely easy to code compared to other stuff you do, there's no reason for it to take long to make, Epic.

Gives a BIG RED REPORT BUTTON on the esc screen. And make it appear again at the end of the mission. Reporting right now does nothing AND is pretty hard to do. (I've been playing for 2-3 months, and I still don't know how to report, but I Know there's a way to do it).

A bot will do all the work, most of the time. Whoever gets reported multiple times until they reach a threshold, gets a message:

"U been a bad boy, u go with bad boys now, u dumb dumb poo poo"

This, compared to the "kick" idea, saves you from angry squads. If you go into a mission and three people report you because they're shitheads, you're not gonna get punished because you're an actual normal player and they're being stupid. Your 'thumbs ups' will balance it out (more about thumbs ups below).


This player goes into a different queue, with just people that are in low priority as well. This means that afks and trolls will be part of afk and trolls matches only, for X matches, or X days. Also, throw a 20 minute cooldown before starting a match, for good measure. This is great to make people behave, because if you afk, you won't be able to progress in the middle of trolls, and afk people tend to try progressing through afking. And if you troll, you'll prefer playing with trolls, because you all have the same mental age.

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Then it's up to Epic:

  • Play 5 games on low priority queue.
  • WIN 5 games on low priority queue.
  • 48 hours in low priority queue.
  • So on and so forth. The numbers would increase if someone is reported again.

Now the interesting part, we have a meaningless "thumbs up" button. We could make it that Every thumbs up you get gives you a lesser chance to go on low priority, or diminishes your time in it. (We also could have our thumbs up for everyone to see, maybe for a bit of pointless bragging).

On dota 2 this works WONDERS. The game is very toxic, being a moba, but people are kept in check, most of the times. I hope EPIC team delivers once again soon.


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