Got a pretty weird loadout that I’m gonna recommend for ventures and even regular missions if you’ve got the heroes for it.

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Got a pretty weird loadout that I'm gonna recommend for ventures and even regular missions if you've got the heroes for it.

It's pretty off-meta, but it's been pretty fun.

For your commander, you're gonna want Azalea Clark. Her deal is that she makes shock tower deal only one tick of damage, but it's a biggun, scaling off a base damage value of 107 Energy damage.

She also gives all your abilities that deal energy damage +75% damage. I believe this includes the damage of your new and improved nuke tower, and yes, I called it improved.

The reason being that, much like seismic smash, Azalea's tower has the ability to deal damage through walls. If you have a defense target that's got a wall down and a smasher trapped inside after you hastily put a wall up? Go ahead and pop down a shock tower and aim a seismic smash at the smasher. You'll be able to damage it through walls, while also taking care of whatever's attacking the walls from the outside with the nuke radius.

Team perk's gonna be happy holidays, for the cooldown reduction.

Support team's gonna be a little weird.

First we've got Gumshoe. Her perk is Pressing Charges, for the +30% damage to charge fragment abilities. From personal testing, they fixed the bug where azalea's tower wouldn't inherit damage boosts, so naturally our next hero's gonna be

Shock Specialist AC, for his 33% increase. So now we've got around 166% damage on the shock tower, which is pretty nice. Then the commander perk kicks in, and because it multiplies the damage value, I believe it's multiplicative with this bonus, bringing us to 290% damage on the shock tower. That's the only thing i could come up with that would explain the numbers i was seeing.


now here's where the fun starts. So we've got this hero, one that a lot of people overlook. Wild fragment deadeye. He does energy affliction, yeah? But… 50% of a single tick of shock tower? Lotta people are like, dude this guy's trash.

But on Azalea clark, well, her shock tower deals all its damage in one tick. So that 50% damage per second for three seconds, turns into +150% damage.

If the initial blast of my shock tower hit for 100k, and yes, I've seen it do that, then the affliction from deadeye's going to be dealing another 150k damage over the next three seconds, for 250k damage total.

For the next slot, we're going to be a little sillier, with a pick that I don't think a lot of people are going to consider.

You've got three options, I think. You could go for Hybrid, to add an extra damage tick to wild fragment deadeye's effect, but personally I like running Ragnarok. Return to sender is pretty useful, and the 25% damage penalty is offset by the +75% you're getting from azalea's commander perk. The decrease in impact is also pretty useful because you're less likely to knock your targets out of the way for the return wave.

For your last hero, use whatever healer you like. Personally I like crossbones barret with Goin' Coconuts, because coconuts pair with her playstyle very well. She's an encampment nuker, and a front line outlander. Wade into a group of enemies, drop a tower, and phase shift out of there, clean up whatever survives with seismic smash, and repeat.

Give it a try, it's pretty fun.

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