Got an Urban Assault Headhunter yesterday, maxed it immediately because of all the hype on Reddit, and did not like it at all.

2b02f09dda89cfbef21b7bc3eea90fc4 1024x576 - Got an Urban Assault Headhunter yesterday, maxed it immediately because of all the hype on Reddit, and did not like it at all.

No hate for UAH or anyone who advocates it, this is just my experience with it.

I tried it for around 20 missions, maxed out, and I didn't like it at all. It pretty much throws all your ammo away, really really fast. Don't get me wrong, UAH is great, but it just doesn't feel worth it to be maining it all the time.

I did melt all kinds of husks amazingly well, but I was doing just as good with the Ranger and Raider. I also extensively use Master Grenadier Ramirez, will explain why below. I just didn't like UAH. I don't like that the hero is based more on speeding fire rate rather than adding crit chance/damage perks, and despite having a damn good aim on headshots, I can safely say I'm not going to use this hero much, maybe in matches in higher levels than my PL just to get the boost against mist monsters. I don't like that I have to enter a game and always be on the lookout for ammo resources.

No other hero has ever made me spam the craft ammo button in back to back games. The Going Commando feels like a wasted perk since your guns are doing the same or better damage than it. Being used to MGR, the grenades also felt lackluster, never really getting a full group of husks like MGR can.

Let me explain my choices now

Ranger Deadeye– Most balanced hero in my opinion. Has farming perks like Llama and Anti Material charge, TEDDY, manual shield regen every time you Phase Shift, and the pistol perks are crazy, crazy good. I'm never low on resources as whenever I see Anti Material charge unused, I go and use it on the nearest object. DPS is amazing, 10/10 on DPS for sure, but sometimes feels like it isn't great on AOE that much, 6/10. EDIT: Ranger is currently available in the Weekly store, Rare.

Raider– I recently unlocked Raider Nomad and am using it with Rabbit Raider Jonesy support, a Backbreaker and a Room Sweeper. I love that it gets its damage from War Cry and buff perks just like Ranger. Raider and Ranger totally melt Smashers as effectively as UAH but more economically. I don't have Special Forces Banshee in any rarity yet but I assume that hero is also a more economical choice since it gets AR perks as well as a great War Cry. 10/10 DPS again, also a good 8/10 on AOE, not including the Room Sweeper I use.


Master Grenadier Ramirez– I pulled it very early in Stonewood, and nothing is a good area-denier like it. It gets the Soldier weapon perks as well, and I use Wukong in support since with heavy Tech investment I don't feel like using Shuriken Master Sarah. The grenades are already wiping crowds. MGR is overlooked by some because Dragon Scorch is 10/10 on AOE and UAH is 10/10 on DPS, but miss out on the fact that she is a solid 9/10 on AOE and 9/10 on DPS with this setup. Very versatile soldier, brings out high damage in all kinds of scenarios but takes time to get used to, to know when you are supposed to use grenades and when it's better to use a weapon.

Just wanted to share my experience because every other person on Reddit is advocated to use UAH. In my opinion, the hero you like is viable for you, you just need to use it properly. I always play with 3 other people, and when everyone targets the higher priority targets (mist monsters, propanes), they die quickly anyways.

My friend who also has a UAH never uses it, instead goes for Shock Trooper, Harvester Sarah, or Special Forces and always does very well in missions.

I met a couple in a Twine game, the girl uses Pathfinder Jess and the guy uses Demolitionist Penny. The Jess speed farms the map quickly, demolitionist builds the base with her mats and uses traps. Both of them have explosive weapons on all 3 slots and are never out of mats to craft them because Jess is so efficient at looting, and the explosives are used well because of Demolitionist's BASE.

If you can use it right, the hero you like is the hero that's best for you.

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