Griefer in a Vbuck(!) reward mission

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I’m level 63 and have been lucky to never have a griefer fully take down a mission before…until last night. It was a level 34 Retrieve the data mission and seconds after the balloon drop, a level 30ish player (ENDERMIOR69) who friend req’d me (perhaps it was bc I didn’t immediately go accept his request) opened up the walls so the husks could pour in. Prior to that he was doing weird shit like stalking me, blocking my view and shooting me in my face. Note that he didn’t request anything (guns, etc.) but other than his pesky behavior I had no way of knowing he would derail the mission. Well, perhaps the fact that I completely built the base was another clue, but that’s fairly usual for me and thankfully I didn’t waste traps since as a level 63 it should have been a breeze. Instead I ended up wasting 20+ minutes and all I had for my time was whatever I happened to resource prior to the imminent failure. I really try to keep an open mind when it comes to playing with randoms, and any advice to just play with friends only is NOTED and unnecessary, but it is clear in hindsight that this player was making it a point to wait until the right time to kill a mission and ruin others’ fun. For all I know he ran this mission again and ruined even more players’ nights.


I’ve read a lot about it a lot griefers on here and have always sympathized. Now I have had my share of AFK players, noob players that have made unfortunate builds, and plenty of irritating gun beggars. That has never really bothered me too much. But this was a first and I feel like it’s a major potential problem. Obviously lots of players want to succeed eed on vbuck reward challenges, so players that thrive on griefing are further enticed knowing they can have their greatest negative impact in these missions. I am also aware that Epic has been looking into this, but I hope this post can urge them along. I’m sure there are hundreds more who don’t bother to post here on reddit, so let’s also keep that in mind.

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