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FortniteBattleRoyale4 - [Guide] 8 Step Guide to Survivor Squads

Hey Commanders! If you are wanting to up your Power Level using what you already own…this is the guide for you!

Survivors are a rather tricky thing to grasp when starting out…hell… some are STILL unsure of exactly what to do with them…so you are not alone!

Below is my step-by-step guide to Survivor Squad Management. The steps will be in Bold and the reasoning will be in Italics. Following the step-by-step guide on survivor squad management, I'll provide instructions on how I suggest leveling your survivors efficiently, acquiring survivors and other useful tips!

Make sure to start with all squads completely empty!

Survivor Management Guide

  • Step 1: Go squad by squad slotting the highest rarity correct lead survivor. If you do not have a lead survivor that correctly fits, leave it blank for now. Leads survivors are noted by having a "Crown" symbol on their card followed by a symbol indicating what squad they belong to. By slotting a lead survivor in the correct squad, the power it provides will be doubled. When it comes to lead survivors, you will ALWAYS want to focus correctly slotted leads over rarity. As you play the game, your goal will be to constantly improve your lead survivor's rarity…while keeping them correctly slotted.

  • Step 2: IF you have any squads left without a slotted lead survivor, slot the highest rarity lead survivor you can. While it isn't ideal to have incorrectly slotted lead survivors, having something slotted is better than nothing. As you play you will want to try to replace these with correctly slotted lead survivors….even if the correctly slotted lead survivor is of lower rarity than that of an incorrectly slotted lead survivor.

Checkpoint: You should now have a Lead Survivor in every squad. Your focus was to slot lead survivors in the correct squads. If you couldn't match, your focus was then to match the highest rarity lead survivors. Next you will be focusing on the supporting survivors and slotting them in order based on lead survivor rarity.

  • Step 3: (If you have no Mythic Lead Survivors, ignore this step) Looking exclusively at squads with mythic lead survivors(ideally ones that are correctly slotted), only slot support survivors of rare (blue) or higher rarity that match the personality of the mythic lead survivor starting with the highest rarity first ( Mythic -> Legendary -> Epic -> Rare). Leave everything else empty. Do this for each survivor squad with a mythic lead survivor. Mythic lead survivors grant the biggest bonus to all survivors that match their same personality…but they also lower the power of survivors that do not match. This is why we want to focus squads with mythic leads first where we have countless options available. Going forward we will eventually want to completely match all supporting survivors with the mythic leads, all in the highest rarity possible.

  • Step 4: Our next focus is to move onto squads with legendary lead survivors and slot rare (blue) and better support survivors that match the personality of the lead survivor. (Focus on using higher rarity matching support survivors) Leave everything else empty. We want to focus squads with Legendary survivors first because these squads are rarely going to need a rework. Going forward, we will strive to replace lower rarity matching support survivors with higher ones.

  • Step 5: Repeat step 4 with next highest rarity lead survivors. Keep going until you have addressed all squads. We focus in this order to make sure we slot the highest rarity support survivors from the largest pool of unused survivors. As we go from Legendary to Epic to Rare…the further down we go, the higher chance we have to require a rework should we replace the lead survivor. Going forward, you will most likely want to redo all the steps in this guide every time you find a new lead survivor to replace an existing one.

Checkpoint: As of now, your squads should only consist of a lead survivor and any/all supporting survivors that match the personality of the lead survivor. That and likely a few empty slots. We will now address these empty slots.

  • Step 6: You will now begin to fill out all empty slots in your survivor squads. As always, start with squads with the highest rarity lead survivor that also have missing slots. Simply slot the highest rarity survivors that you can. Keep filling in empty slots until all are filled or you run out of survivors. We save these for last to assure we have the maximum number of personality matched support survivors. Going forward, you will eventually want to replace these unmatched support survivors with those that share the same personality as the lead. Please note: You actually get a higher buff from survivors of higher rarity vs a lower rarity that matches personality. That is why I only focused on using survivors of rare (blue) or higher that match instead of just any rarity survivor that matches.

Checkpoint: Your squads should be complete! The next step is completely optional and only affects those who have an abundance of high rarity survivors. You may be lower power level than what you started at. This is due to likely several survivors not being leveled…and some of your already leveled survivors not being in use. I'll address this following this next step.

  • (Optional) Step 7: This step is only used if after following steps 1 through 6 you still have unused Epic (Purple) or Legendary (Orange) survivors AND have Rare (Blue) survivors in squads with non-mythic lead survivors. Go ahead and replace any rare survivor in a squad with a non-mythic lead with these legendary or epic support survivors. As stated prior, you get more power from a higher rarity / non-matching support survivor than you do a lower rarity / matching support survivor.

  • Step 8: From now on, preform steps 1 through 7 anytime you are able to replace a lead survivor with something better (Be it going from un-matching to matching OR increasing in rarity) You may also wish to reorganize your survivors if you unlock new survivor slots as you progress through the game.

Endpoint: You are complete! As of now, there is no more organization needed. Now I'll teach you how to level your survivors efficiently.


Leveling Survivors Efficiently

  • Step 1: Following the above step-by-step guide… you may end up with unused / leveled survivors. These will likely be of Common (Grey) to Rare (Blue) rarity. It is safe to go ahead and recycle these survivors for survivor xp and evolve materials. I would NEVER recycle Epic or higher rarity survivors. Even if they are leveled and not in-use. The reason we scrap the lower rarity survivors is to reacquire survivor xp for our newly slotted survivors. Do not recycle anything else for now. Soon, I'll explain a way to easily generate Rare support and lead survivors…but for now, lets focus on how to level correctly.

  • Step 2: Our first priority is getting all of our lead survivors to 2-stars level 10/20. Level up each lead survivor one at a time from 1/10 to 2/10. You will always want to level everything evenly instead of focusing one survivor at a time. Any chance you have the option to evolve a survivor…DO IT. Make sure to evolve survivors if you can prior to leveling anyone else. Leveling survivors evenly is the most efficient use of your survivor xp. Why spend thousands of survivor xp for 1 point of power when you could spend only a couple hundred. Evolving survivors is the most efficient way of increasing the power a survivor grants. The jump in evolve is cheap to do but grants such a large gain. Lastly, the reason we prioritize lead survivors first is due to the large amount of power they grant compared to a support survivor.

Checkpoint: All of your lead survivors in use should now be 2-star level 10/20 (or higher). Next we will want to focus on getting all of our support survivors to 2-star level 10/20.

  • Step 3: Just as before with leads, you will want to level up each and every one of your support survivors one at a time, one level at a time. Get them all to 1-star 2/10, then to 1-star 3/10, then 1-star 4/10 etc… The second you get one to 1-star 10/10, evolve it instantly to 2-star 10/20 (If you can) before leveling up your next support survivor. Continue until all support survivors are 2-star 10/20 (or higher/if you can). Same as before, w do one level at a time to ensure maximum cost to power efficiency.

Checkpoint: If you can afford it, all of your lead survivors and support survivors should be at 2-star level 10/20. We will keep repeating the process until we hit 5-star 50/50 OR (The more likely case) we run out of survivor xp and/or evolve materials.

  • Step 4: Continue Steps 2 and 3 for as long as you are able to. Getting all your lead survivors to 3-star 20/30 followed by your support survivors to 3-star 20/30 then back to your lead survivors to 4-star 30/40 followed by support survivors to 4-star 30/40…so on and so on for as long as you can. Again, we just want to get the most amount of power for what survivor xp and evolve mats we have…as well as evolving any survivor any chance we can before leveling anything else.

Endpoint: And that is really all there is regarding efficient survivor leveling. Next I'll briefly touch on a couple extra useful tips and suggestions regarding survivor acquisition.

How to Acquire Survivors

Transformations: Transformations are a HUGE reliable method of acquiring "Free" survivors. I'm actually willing to bet you don't even know how much you already have access to! Anywho, Transformations are a unlocked feature in the game that allows you to convert multiple low rarity items into one higher rarity item. Remember those Common (Gray) and Uncommon (Green) survivors I told you to not recycle?….This is where they shine. So, utilizing "People" points (acquired from expeditions or from rescuing survivors in missions) you can convert 4 common survivors into 1 uncommon survivor…and from there, 5 uncommon survivors into 1 rare survivor. Not only will you get survivor xp from doing this, you will also get a useable rare survivor! Oh, and you can also use common and uncommon defenders, schematics, heroes and anything else to create these survivors…easy peasy (As long as you have the "People" points to burn)! Everyone unlocks the ability to craft both rare support and rare lead survivors as they progress in the game. To those who purchase the Ultimate Edition, you also earn the ability to craft Epic lead/support survivors…giving you a huge advantage! Should you ever get to the point where you have all Rare and better survivors, you can still craft these to generate a source of training manuals…a crucial item for evolving heroes, defenders and survivors.

Weekly / Event Shop: Every event (so far) has had for sale (In event gold) a Legendary Survivor. I think it is about… 700 gold… BUY THIS! I still buy them even at max power level! Additionally every single week, you can purchase up to 2 epic survivors. For newer players… this is an excellent way to bump your power level up fast!

Mission Alerts/Quests Rewards: In addition to the above methods, it is always worth a quick check to see if any Legendary survivors (Sometimes even Mythic Lead Survivors!) Are available from Mission Alerts. As you progress in the game, you will even unlock unique quests to acquire Mythic Support Survivors. Collecyion book rewards and other random quest rewards can also grant you survivors!

Bits of Advice:

  • Never recycle an Epic or Legendary Survivor
  • Never focus on matching survivor bonuses UNTIL you are maxed. (The bonuses are hardly worth anything.)
  • Always be on the look out for Epic and higher Trap Durability bonus support survivors. Don't worry about using them if you don't need to…just collect them for now. One day you will need them.
  • Don't be afraid to ask! If you need help or have questions about anything in this massive guide…just ask! People in STW are always willing to help future teammates become more reliable!

Well, that is A LOT of information to take in… but follow the steps, ask questions and keep grinding and it will be worth it!

As always, Happy Husk Hunting!


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